Villas To Rent In Turkey

Turkey consist of mountain ranges and a smal percantage of plateau's and with its rich history of being one of the largest empires to expand in southeastern Europe, north Western Asia, Turkey is filled with a diversity of cultures. It also served as a gateway bridge, between Asia and Europe. Turkey was also once the centre of both the Ottoman and Byzantine empires. 

The Two major cities are :
-Used to be known as Constantinople capital city of turkey during the ottoman and ancient Byzantine empires
-culturally rich and diverse considering that it’s a port city divided by the Bosporus Strait
-is inbetween three seas: Black Sea, Golden horn sea, and the Sea of Marmara.
-Historic landmarks and Mosques could be found in old Instanbul
-Hagia Sophia, museum to what used to be a mosque is a site to behold at dusk
-topkapi palace, was once a city of its own inhabited by the sultans. Have the opportunity to walk through inside and gaze upon ancient artifacts from the ottoman sultans.
-Grand Bazaar, One the the country’s largest and oldest market place consisting of around 3000 shops. Perfect experience for novice travelers.

-located near the gulf of Antalya
-functioned as a major Roman port
-subtropical warm climates and crystal blue waters make it a perfect resort
-old towns from Roman/Byzantine periods overlooking harbors make a splendid tourist attractions
-Düden waterfalls, a group of waterfalls, A natural wonder. Have a tea by the caves near the waterfall. There are also many cafes, restaurants, little shops nearby.
-Hadrians Gate, built in the name of the Roman Emperor Hadrian whom visited the city of Antalya in year 130 AD, this monument stands in the city center

Kas 5
Dalyan 16
Kalkan 32