If you are up for an easygoing, family holiday, then Protaras may be the perfect choice for you. This holiday destination has become a favorite attraction to many families and Fig Tree Bay beach is one of the main reasons.

Now you may wonder why. Fig Tree Bay is a popular beach attraction that has a lot to offer. This sandy beach together with its shorefront of the seaside pedestrian promenade is what keeps visitors coming back to Protaras each year.

The town is trying to adapt to the mass of tourists, so it’s not a surprise if you find full English breakfasts on menus, rather than Cypriot flavors. Many of the bars also carry English names.

During summer the beaches are packed with tourists, but the town goes to sleep during the period between November and April.

Here is a complete travel guide for your holiday in Protaras, Cyprus this summer.

Where to Eat in Protaras

Protaras restaurant

Here are some of the well-known and most delicious restaurants in Protaras.

  • Nicolas Tavern

Located just a few minutes walk from Fig Tree Bay, Nicolas Tavern offers excellent Cypriot flavors. The service is very friendly and efficient, the prices are affordable, and there is a variety of traditional Cypriot dishes.

Here you can try kleftiko (oven-baked lamb) as the main specialty, however, afelia (pork cooked in red wine) and tava (lamb and beef casserole cooked with tomatoes, onions, potatoes, and cumin) should not be an exception. We also recommend trying some local wine with your main dish to better feel the Cypriot spirit.

  • Kyklos Restaurant

Located at the southern part of the main street, Kyklos is a truly authentic Mediterranean restaurant with the most flavourful dishes. The main dish here is the lamb souvla (large chunks of meat cooked on long skewers over a charcoal barbecue flavored with garlic and lemon).

What to Do in Protaras

Protaras boat cruise

Here are some activities that you can do while on your holiday in Protaras, Cyprus.

  • Bird watching tour

There are bird watching tours available by Viator that offer a truly enchanting experience. The tour starts from Agia Nappa and continues with exploring Lefkara village (where they produce lace) and the neolithic Choirokoitia site.

The bird watching is available at Larnaca. Depending on the time, short walks to around Lefkara manmade lake are also possible. Here, you can also have a meal or visit some other attractions as well.

  • Padi scuba diving

Padi scuba diving is the best way to explore the underwater world. Whether you are young, or young at heart, you will definitely enjoy this experience. It’s ideal for families and friends.

The divers will help you with everything – from teaching you about the basic scuba gear to taking you to the sea for your diving experience. What’s more, if you request, you can also get underwater photos and videos. If you have ever wondered how is it to breathe underwater and move like a fish, now is your chance.

  • Full day boat cruise from Ayia Napa

Who wouldn’t love a relaxing day along the coastline of Eastern Cyprus? The boat cruise offers free drinks, a delicious buffet lunch, seasonal fresh fruits, and a dessert. The boat will also stop somewhere along the Mediterranean sea where you can cool yourself by swimming and refreshing in the crystal clear waters.

Protaras has so much to offer, so no matter which activities you choose to do, you will have a nice time.

Protaras Nightlife

singing karaoke

By the beach, and at the main street in Protaras, you can find many vibrant bars where you can try some excellent cocktails and the well-known, traditional Cypriot beer KEO. In most of the bars, there are karaoke nights as well, so here you will definitely stay entertained.

Planning a Getaway to Protaras this Summer? Check out this Ultimate Travel Guide

Protaras still remains a popular tourist destination that charms tourists with its fabulous beaches and pleasant, warm weather throughout the whole year. Perfect for families, friends, and couples, Protaras offers many hotels, villas, restaurants, and bars. Book your holiday now and have the time of your life!