Are you about to explore the world and are super excited for a trip full of adventures and new experiences ahead? But if this is your first holiday abroad, you are probably worried whether everything will be ok.

To boost your self-confidence about travelling, we’ve listed 10 key travel safety tips that will keep you safe during your holiday away from home:

1. Get Travel Insurance

getting travel insurance

First on the list of our travel safety tips is to get travel insurance. The chances that you will get robbed, injured or sick are very small. However, you never know what might happen. Travel insurance helps you save a lot of money in such circumstances. It covers medical costs and trip cancellation, and it can also protect you from theft of valuable items.

2. Do Some Research Beforehand

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One of the most essential rules of safe travel is to do some research on the destination you are travelling to. Learn about its culture, political situation, safe and dangerous spots, and check the weather. Before you book accommodation, make sure that there are people who stayed there before and check for positive reviews. The same applies to bars or nightclubs you are planning to visit.

3. Learn the Emergency Numbers

key safety travel tips

Learning the emergency numbers of the country you are visiting is another of our travel safety tips you should bear in mind. Just because you grew up in the UK, you cannot assume that 999 is the emergency number that the whole world uses. Each country has unique codes for an ambulance, police, or fire department.

Find out the numbers and learn them by heart. Just in case you forget, you can also write them down on paper and keep them in your wallet. If anything goes wrong, you need to know which number to dial.

Moreover, you can also learn how to say “help me” in the local language.

4. Lock up Your Valuables or Carry Them with You

female tourist

When people go on holiday nowadays, they usually bring all the technology they have: from laptops to mobile phones, tablets, or cameras. However, is it really necessary? When travelling, bring as fewer valuables as possible to prevent yourself from losing those items.

If you do need to bring several valuables, then make sure to keep an eye on them all the time. If you want to leave them at the place you are staying, then put them into a safe, or get a bag and take them with you wherever you go. It should fit the technology you are having with you, your passport, and other precious items.

5. Keep Your Family Updated

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Next on the list of our travel safety tips is to keep your family updated constantly. Let your closest ones know where you are going to stay. Give them the address of your accommodation and their contact. Moreover, you should also let them know what are you planning to do each day before you head off to explore your travel destination.  

6. Blend in with the Local People

couple in a mosque

If you walk around with a camera in your hand and a confused face, you will draw attention and be an easy target to thieves. To avoid this, try to blend in with the local people and don’t act like a tourist. Moreover, blending in with the locals is also important when it comes to showing respect. Follow their manners and dress properly.  

7. Be Careful with Your Money

paying the bill

While you are outside, carry only a small amount of cash with you and put the rest somewhere safe. Especially if you are going to a crowded place. Moreover, if you are planning to use credit cards, then you should notify your bank so that they block your account in case of any suspicious transactions.

8. Never Use Your Back Pocket

back pocket

If you have the habit of keeping your wallet in your back pocket, you should immediately change that. Back pockets are the first place that potential thieves will check. So, always put your wallet either in your front pocket or in your bag to prevent yourself from any unpleasant situations.

9. Make a Copy of Your Passport and Visa


Last on the list of our travel safety tips is to make a copy of your passport and visa. Have them somewhere online and make a few printed copies. Just in case you get robbed or you lose them, you need to have a proof of identity so that you are able to go back home.  

Follow These Travel Safety Tips and Stay Safe Abroad

Whether you are travelling alone, with your friends, or family, you should always think about your safety. Following these 10 travel safety tips will help you find inner peace during your trip and allow you to enjoy your holiday to the fullest.   

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