Turkey is an extraordinary country with beautiful landscapes, culture, history, hospitality and….. food, of course!

Baklava, kebab, doner, yaprak sarma, lahmacun, manti are just some of the most famous traditional meals in Turkey. When it comes to traditional food, the beautiful Dalyan town is the perfect place to be.

If you chose Daylan as your next tourist destination in Turkey, don’t miss to visit some of the restaurants here. There are a lot of Dalyan restaurants that serve delicious food. They all have their unique charm, and it can be quite challenging to decide which restaurant to choose from.

That’s why we’ve selected 5 traditional Dalyan restaurants that tourists keep coming back to.

1. Begonville House Restaurant

stuffed aubergine

One of the most popular Dalyan restaurants is the Begonville House restaurant. You won’t find better food anywhere in Dalyan. Whatever meal you choose to try here, it will be perfectly cooked and incredibly delicious. Chefs use spices and herbs liberally in the cooking which gives more flavor to the meals.

They serve delicious Turkish starters and specialties, and food from the Italian, American and European cuisine. From Turkish specialties, you can try  Karnıyarık, Kuzu Kol, Imam Bayıldın or Snitzel special. You should also try the hand-made, huge and fresh burgers. There is a kids menu as well.

The interior with wooden chairs, flowers, and plants contributes to the relaxing atmosphere and pleasant ambiance here. It’s clean, and the staff is lovely. It is a hidden gem of Dalyan, and visiting this restaurant is a must.

2. Beyaz Gul Restaurant

Lycian rock tombs

Beyaz Gul restaurant is one of the most beautiful Dalyan restaurants. If you want romantic, peaceful, stunning views, pretty lights in trees and great food, look no further. Its setting and view are undoubtedly the best in Dalyan. It’s located on the riverfront, overlooking the Lycian Rock Tombs and the magnificent surrounding greenery.

Here you can enjoy your meal on the terrace, observing the beautiful sea sunset. The chilled jazz in the background and the comfortable chairs also contribute to a pleasant and relaxing ambiance.

What’s more, they serve traditional and delicious food. Don’t miss to try the delightful kofte kebab here. It’s flavorsome and juicy. The riced pudding and the Turkish delights are also great. The staff is also attentive and welcoming, so you will love this restaurant.

3. Rendezvous Bistro, Cafe & Restaurant

steak mushroom pie

Looking for a pleasant and relaxing restaurant? Rendezvous Bistro, Cafe & Restaurant is the right for you. It is beautiful, and Its setting with plants and flowers gives a relaxing note on your stay here.

Moreover, the food here is fantastic,  the portions are generous and well presented. You should try the halloumi chicken, as well as the steak and mushroom pie here.

The staff is attentive, patient and welcoming. The service is excellent, as well and the atmosphere is relaxing and excellent for family gatherings. All in all, this is one of the Dalyan restaurants that you won’t forget.

4. Saki Restaurant

Turkish meze

The family-run Saki restaurant is located right on the Dalyan river, under the rock tombs. You will enjoy the view of the surrounding landscape in its cozy setting. At night, everything is beautifully lit, so the ambiance is lovely.

It’s also a perfect place for all who want to try authentic Turkish cuisine. The unusual thing is that they don’t have a menu just like the Turkish restaurants in the past. The staff take you to the chill corner and give you a clear description of all the delicious food. You can choose from the fantastic selection of lovely meze starters, main dishes, and drinks. They are all of the high quality and made with fresh products.

Everything is spotlessly clean, and the staff is friendly and welcoming, as well. This Dalyan restaurant is definitely a must for authentic local dishes. So don’t miss visiting this place.

5. Yenner’s place

fish and potatoes

If you want to relax in one of the cozy Dalyan restaurants on the main street, you should go to Yenner’s place. It is ideal for a nice meal after a long walk through Dalyan streets.

Moreover, It will definitely satisfy your high expectations for the food. The fish stew, seafood casserole, chicken stir-fry and the beef burrito here are amazing. There is also a great choice of traditional Turkish specialties and vegetarian meals. The dishes are freshly prepared and nicely presented to encourage your return to this place.

The owner of the restaurant and his team are friendly and welcoming. Listen to their recommendation for the dishes you must try there. They definitely know what the best on the menu is. The atmosphere is relaxing, and the service is excellent, as well.

Spend Your Holiday in Dalyan and Visit These Beautiful Dalyan Restaurants!

Do you want to write another travel story? Come to Turkey and visit some of the most beautiful traditional Dalyan restaurants.

They serve incredibly delicious traditional food that you must try. It will trigger all your senses, and it will make you come here again.

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