Protaras is a stunning Cypriot resort with hidden coves, stunning beaches, white sandy bays, and warm, clear waters perfect for numerous water sports.

Thanks to its endless sunshine this resort has turned into one of the most popular summer holiday destinations in Cyprus. Families, friends, and romantic couples from around the world come to visit Protaras and make unforgettable memories.

Let’s take a look at the 7 things to do in Protaras during your next holiday in Cyprus:

1. Visit Cape Greco

Cape Greco, Cyprus

Cape Greco is a National Park, situated between the lovely resorts of Protaras and Ayia Napa. It is a great place to be for those who love spending time in nature since it offers amazing natural beauty and views.

There is nothing better than putting on your best walking shoes and wandering around the unspoilt walking trails of this park which extend to a length of 16 km. There is also a 4 km long bicycle track and an area for a picnic. These trails will lead you to several historical sites including ruins of an ancient Aphrodite’s temple.    

If you go diving or snorkelling on Cape Greco beaches, you will also get the chance to see underwater caves, and interesting flora and fauna. Here you will also see many locals fishing in the crystal clear waters.

What’s more, there are benches around the park where you can stop and rest, but also relax in quietness.

2. Relax on Fig Tree Bay

Fig Tree Bay, Protaras

Relaxing and refreshing on Fig Tree Bay, Protaras main beach, is another of the things to do in Protaras. It got its name after the fig trees around its coast. This beach offers golden sand and crystal clear and shallow waters, perfect for families with little children.

Except for swimming, here there are also great conditions for certain watersports including waterskiing, parasailing, windsurfing, and many more.

On the beach, there is a bar where you can have some snacks or drinks to refresh in the hot summer days. What’s more, you can also hire sunbeds and umbrellas during the summer period.

3. Have Fun at Anastasia Aquamania Waterpark

kid having fun at a waterpark

Anastasia Aquamania Waterpark offers fun and entertainment for families and children. There are 7 slides, several pools, and a lazy river.

This waterpark is part of the Anastasia hotel, so it is shared with its guests. If you are staying at this hotel, there is no an entrance fee, and if you are not, then you need to pay €15 for you, and €7,5 for your child to enter the park.  

4. Watch the Magic Water Dancing Show

One of the best things to do in Protaras is watching the magic water dancing show. It takes place in the center of a city and it offers moments. Many of the tourists who’ve seen this, compare it to a show in Vegas.

The water is dancing to the rhythm of the music, reaching up to 12 meters in the sky, and together with the laser, the fire, and the lava creating spectacular views. You sit by your table while having dinner and a drink, and staring at the stunning view. How impressive is that?

5. Climb to Church of St. Elias

church of St. Elias, Protaras

The church of St. Elias is a typical orthodox church with biblical walls and ceilings. It stands on the top of a hill, and from there you can take great views of Protaras and the Mediterranean sea. To get to this religious site you need to climb some 150 stairs, but they are worth the view.   

Here visitors often tie ribbons or a piece of cloth on the tree near the church, that signifies remembrance of people they love.

6. Go Horseback Riding

horseback riding

Another of the great things to do in Protaras is to go horseback riding at Moonshine ranch. It is located on the outskirts of this resort, close to Cape Greco national park.

Here adults and children can take lessons and go on a ride with the instructor – the experienced owner of the ranch. There are different routes you can choose from, including Cape Greco.  

The best time to do this activity is in March or April because then you will enjoy the wonderful nature with lots of greenery and wildflowers in bloom.

7. Try Some Meze

Cypriot meze

Cypriot food is delicious, so trying some of them is a must. On the main street of Protaras, there are many international restaurants but also traditional restaurants where you can try many traditional dishes including meze.

You will love the hummus, olives, garlic bread, grilled vegetables, halloumi, calamari, tzatziki, and everything else they’ll put on your table.  

After that, you can order some main dish, and enjoy chargrilled fish, kebabs, roasted lamb, or anything you prefer accompanied by a glass of Cypriot wine.  

Check out the 7 Things to Do in Protaras and Book your Holiday Villa now

Protaras is a great holiday destination for family fun and relaxation. There is something for everyone to do and see here, for beach lovers, those who love spending time in nature, adventure seekers, and gourmands.    

If you find these 7 things to do in Protaras interesting, then take a look at our villas in Protaras, book your favorite one, and make some unforgettable moments.