From an undeveloped fishing village, Kas Turkey has now become an attractive tourist destination. Situated only three hours drive from Antalya, at the foot of the wall of mountains overlooking the Mediterranean sea,  Kas fascinates many tourists each year.

This Turkish seaside resort has some of the most beautiful beaches in Turkey, and a harbor that reminds you of the Mediterranean lifestyle. The balconies of the houses are ornamented with pink bougainvillea flowers. The Greek influence can be spotted by the wooden shutters and narrow streets.

It’s almost impossible to get lost here… if you are unsure, just get a map and start exploring this tiny city!

A step closer to booking a holiday in Kas Turkey? Here’s a complete travel tourist guide for your next holiday.

What to Do in Kas Turkey?

 Lycian way

Kas has something for every age. You can spend a day doing some adventurous activities such as trekking the Lycian way, kayaking, paragliding, or something less adventurous like canyoning, scuba diving, mountain bike riding.

Since the local public transport is very frequent, you can catch a bus to explore the surrounding areas or admire some historical sites.

Olympus and Kalkan are quite close. Or you can go a bit further and visit Demre. Here you can visit the church of St Nicholas and the ruins of Myra.

History lovers can visit the Lycian tombs or old amphitheater where you can enjoy a beautiful sunset sight.

Kas Turkey is perfect for each taste. The only downside is the nightlife. Kas does not have large nightclubs that work until the early morning. So, if you are looking for some fun, take a drive to Kemer, or Bodrum.

Daily ferry trips from Kas Antalya, to Meis, Greece are also available and strongly recommended.

How to Travel on a Budget

Kas villas

When you first arrive in Kas you might think that it is not suitable for everyone. But even though Kas is a well-kept city with quite expensive restaurants, bars, hotels, and villas, it does not mean that it is not suitable for budget travelers as well.

For all budget travelers who want to enjoy a good time in Kas, there is still a variety of luxurious, yet affordable villas.  

Villa Kasaba, Villa Lara, and Villa Suzan are a good accommodation choice for anyone who wants a deluxe, but a reasonably priced holiday.

The villas resemble the traditional Mediterranean style, the decor and design remind us of the modern Turkish lifestyle. You can easily reach the beaches, restaurants, and shops on foot.

How to Get to Kas Turkey

sunset in the Mediterranean

To get to Kas, you can either book tickets and fly to Antalya airport that is a three hours driving distance, or to Dalaman airport that is two hours driving distance. For those who are fond of driving, Kas is situated off the Antalya highway parallel to the coast.

Public transport from the airport to the town is also available and very frequent.

Thinking of Going to Kas? Book Now and Pick your Beach Villa

Whether you spend time at the waterfront coffee bars and restaurants, go on a boat cruise to the Blue Cave, Kalekoy or Ucagiz, climb the mountain to the cliff tombs, or explore the ancient Lycian cities, Kas promises an unforgettable and plentiful holiday.

While walking through the narrow streets of this coastal resort, you can stop for a beer or whatever you are up for, and enjoy the sunset.

Take a walk along the harbor and admire the fishing boats that take out their catch for the day. You’ll suddenly feel the smell of fresh fish.

Fish or seafood lovers, don’t worry! Turkish restaurants have everything on the menu. From lobster to crab or any other type of fish, here you can try the best dishes you’ve ever imagined.