Are you looking for a unique experience during your next holiday? If the answer is yes, visit Dalyan in Turkey and explore its amazing natural beauties.

Situated on the Dalyan River, the small town of Dalyan charms the visitors with its stunning natural attractions. Scenic nature, ancient city remains, Lycian rock tombs, a beautiful beach with deep blue waters, and endangered, rare turtles, are some of the things you can see there.

However, the most unique attraction you will find here is the Dalyan mud bath. It is not only a popular site to visit, but it also has tremendous benefits for the human’s body.

Here is some information you might find useful before visiting this interesting place:

What Is the Dalyan Mud Bath?

mud bath

Dalyan mud bath is the main attraction in Dalyan. It is located in the village of Sultaniye, on the southwest bank of Lake Köyceğiz.

There is one pool with mud and another one with hot water. First, people enter the first pool with a sticky and warm mud to cover their body. After the clay dries in the sun, they rinse it under the spring water shower.

Then, the visitors go into the second sulphur pool with hot water. The temperature of the water is more or less 40 degrees and has therapeutic properties. What’s more, the sulphur pool spreads the unpleasant smell of rotten eggs over the area. It contains harmless radioactive elements, bromide, chloride, hydrogen sulphide, iron, calcium, potassium, and other minerals.

Just make sure you take off your jewellery before you enter the pool. If you forget to do that, it will turn black.

Dalyan mud bath has been famous in the past too. Some people say that even Cleopatra occasionally visited this region just to bathe in the Dalyan mud bath. It is noted that the therapeutic properties of the bath made her skin beautiful.

Recently, many famous people like David Bowie, Sting, Dustin Hoffman, Jack Nicholson, come to bathe in the mud, as well.

Dalyan mud bath is not a usual sight and offers an excellent photo opportunity. Usually, foreign visitors get into the mud to have their photo taken and to have fun. The bath is crowded, hot, smelly, and you are sliding around on slimy mud….it’s definitely a funny sight!

To enter this place, you need to pay an entrance fee of 4 Turkish lire per person.

Why Visit Dalyan Mud bath?

thermal bath Dalyan

Dalyan mud bath remedies rheumatism, arthritis, eczema, and it has a beautifying effect on the skin. The thing that makes all the difference is the tightening effect on the drying mud. If you regularly use mud baths, its substances will help you deal with wrinkles. Your wrinkles will reduce, and you will look ten years younger. Your skin will be perfectly clean and fresh afterwards.

After the mud bath, you should go to the thermal pool. It is like a therapy for people’s health. Usually, people who suffer from rheumatism, heart ailments, skin and blood disorders, nervous complaints, bronchitis, metabolic disorders, muscle fatigue, kidney, and urinary problems, visit these baths. The elderly people in need of recuperation should regularly use the pool to feel better as well.

Ancient Kaunos people used the Dalyan mud bath as a facility for spa and treatment. The mud and water from the springs were also used since Hellenistic times by Carians then the Byzantines.

How to Get There?

boat trip Dalyan

Dalyan mud bath is on a 4 kilometres distance from the nearby resorts situated along the shoreline. There are several possible ways to get to this natural attraction of Dalyan. You can go there by boat, by bus or by car.

If you want to get there from Dalyan, you should go on a boat tour (22 Turkish liras) or take a dolmuş boat (30 minutes, 10 Turkish liras). They depart when full every half an hour in summer.

During the boat trip, you can enjoy the natural scenery around the river. You will also see ancient ruins, and watch rare turtles. You can swim in the lake too, and have a barbeque on the boat.

If you don’t mind walking, you can cross the Dalyan river on a rowboat to and walk 17 kilometres from there. The return ticket will cost you 5 Turkish liras.

There is also a bus from Köyceğiz, heading for Ekincik. They run every day between June and September. It will drop you at the sulphur springs and it costs 10 Turkish liras. It departs at 9 am and stays there till 6 pm when it returns.

If you don’t like to go by there bus, you can hire a taxi which will cost you about 70 Turkish liras. Those who have a car can go from Dalyan and drive around Köycegiz Lake. It is a one hour drive.

Where to Stay?

villa Asli Paradise dalyan

If you like to visit the Dalyan mud bath more than once, you should find a lovely villa nearby. We recommend the stunning luxury villas in Dalyan: Asli Paradise, Kelebek Paradise, Aysel Paradise, and Emel Paradise. They are convenient because they are on a 600 meters distance from the bath. So, from there you can take a boat or walk to the Dalyan mud bath.

They are very cosy and have all the necessary tourist amenities, including a private pool in the garden. The ambience is pleasant and perfect for a lovely family holiday.

Visit Dalyan Mud Bath, Stay Healthy, and Look Younger!

Dalyan mud bath is a unique, and an uncommon sight. Visiting this bath is a must for those people who want to look younger, and naturally, heal themselves from certain health problems.

Don’t wait any longer! Book your favourite villa, experience the rejuvenating properties of the Dalyan mud bath, and make some awesome pictures.