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Cyprus has warm and sunny weather all year-round without extreme hot or cold temperatures. In the Summer temperatures can reach 90 degrees, but cool Mediterranean breezes temper the heat.


Croatia is an amazing country which is divided into three regions when it comes to its climate. The Adriatic coast enjoys a Mediterranean climate where summers are hot and dry, and winters are cold and rainy.


The ‘Jewel of the Ionian’ has kept its charm and popularity for many years. Its magnetism draws people (including Royalty) back year after year to enjoy the sun, the crystal clear warm sea and exquisite cuisine.


Portugal is lying at the western end of the Iberian peninsula in the south-western part of Europe. While once it was considered one of the poorest countries in western Europe, now it has become a prosperous tourist destination for many world travellers.


Spain is a lovely country that is worth a visit. It is famous for its beautiful beaches, amazing landscapes, historic cities, and excellent food and wine.


Italy is a magnificent country on the Mediterranean with a huge coastline, so it’s the ideal place if you want to enjoy the beach and sunny weather. Besides offering to rest and relax on the beaches, the Italian coast will amaze you if you want to spend your time in nature.


Greece is situated in Southern Europe, on the Balkan peninsula. The best thing about this country is that it lies on the Aegean, Ionian, and Mediterranean seas.


Turkey is one of the most fascinating tourist destinations in the world which offers six lovely months of summer in its southern parts. The nice weather makes it possible for you to have fantastic moments in the hot summer days, as well as rest, refresh, and recharge your batteries.