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Jan 11, 2012
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Where is the best place to stay in Zante and are thecash machines as easy to use as Corfu. Going for the first time not my choice but havehad my own way for 7 years hubby and son want to try Zante. It looks quite smalland will hire a carbut will not want to drive all the time want somewhere like Sidari at night as I love it, but heard to keep away from Laganas or is it really not that bad or is it like Kavos.
<div>Help any advice greatfully recieved trying to be optimistic but been to Corfu since 1991 other places in between but Love the place. I will be back next year GUARANTEED! X</div>
Jan 11, 2012
<div>Avoid Laganas like the plague, think Kavos but bigger so more 18/30's or whatever they call themselves.</div>
<div>Alikes or Alykanas are lovely, so is Tsilivi (silent T) & of course a visit to Zante wouldn't be complete without visiting Zante town, a lot of which is newish (1957/58/59) as there was a devastating earthquake in 1957 which ruined a lot of the old Venetion buildings.</div>
<div>If you here bumps & noises at all its probably earth tremors but nothing to worry about.</div>
<div>My youngest son is 37 & he was 14 when we stayed in Argassi (thats ok too) & one morning early there was such a bang & the kitchen table & fridge slid across the room but we just carried on eating our breakfast out on the balcony.We have lovely memories of Zante & the lovely people.</div>
<div>We have been going to Corfu for many years now & love Sidari but sometimes you just need a change. Enjoy </div>
Jan 11, 2012
I think Tsilivi would be a good bet for you. Would not suggest astay in Laganas. Alykanas and Alikes are smaller resorts but an easy walk from one to the other. Never had any problems with cash machines. <div></div><div></div>We fell in love with Corfu about 6 years ago but have many happy memories of holidays in Zante and would like to go back one day.
Mar 11, 2013
I have been to Tsilivi 4 times, and married there in 2010. Its a lovely town. The beach is great, shallow out for a long way so very child friendly. We have stayedat the Alexandra Beach Hotel, and married there too, fantastic! Also at Hotel Petros and Planos Bay, they were both OK but wouldn't return. And agree to avoid Laganas. Keppi.

S and J

Active member
Jan 11, 2012
United Kingdom
We went to Tsilivi 12 years ago. My other half proposed to me there in a lovely taverna called the Olive Tree. It was a lovely resort then and sounds like it still is from previous comments. Must make the effort to go back some day!!

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