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Roda Tavernas/Bars

Jan 11, 2012
Hi all, coming to Roda 26th September for a week
, staying at Elizabeth apartments, first time to this resort, wondering what are peoples favourite places to eat and drink are. Not interested in relative cost, just wanting to know which are the favourites, traditional or otherwise. I am especially fond of fish and seafood, favourite dishes being Gavros, Sea Bass, SeafoodSpagheti etc.<div sab="1062"></div><div sab="1063">My experience is that generally you cannot go wrong eating out, having stayed in Kassiopi, Avlaki and Kalami many times, eating in these places, also San Stefanos, Porta, Sinies, Agni and others.</div><div sab="1063"></div><div sab="1063">I would also like to visit Old Perithia if possible, too far to walk or not? Any help appreciated.</div>


Lots of places to eat in Roda. My favourites are El Mar, Skouna (great food and sea front location) and Roda Park (huge menu and excellent quality). For snacks Yummies is well worth a visit. There are also many bars catering for all tastes. The Boat House (on the edge of the village towards Acharavi) is new this year and is perfectly situated next to the sea, well worth a visit.
Old Perithia is too far to walk, but a car hire would solve that problem.


If you are serious walkers with the correct gear, one way to Ano Perithia is not a problem, at a guess four and a half hours.
20 minutes to Acharavi, at the Pump roundabout, fork right then first right, follow this road up through the olives bear left keep climbing, you pass the entrance to Monolithi, take left turn at T junction just past Monolithi entrance, carry on to Ag Martinus, through the village turn sharp right up steep hill, your on your way to Lafki, serious climbing uphill all the way.
Enter Lafki (guestimate 2 1/2 hours to here) and stop for a rest and a drink, you've done the hard bit.
After your rest, retrace your steps back to the entrance to the old disused quarry, sign posted Ano Perithia on your right as you go back (100 yards). From here to Old Perithia is about 2 hours, my friends do this bit every year. You could pre-book a taxi to collect you in the afternoon.
I've no doubt there are tracks and trails that cover the same route but I don't know them.

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