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Just Booked A Holiday In Messonghi


New member
Apr 9, 2018

We have just booked a holiday for Summer staying in Messonghi thanks to your message board.

It sounds amazing! Can't wait :)

Does anyone have any tips or favourite restaurants they could share with me please :) We are going away with our 2 sons who are 13 and 10.

Jackie F

Active member
Jan 11, 2012
United Kingdom
Hiya Alleykat,

Firstly, I have never had a bad meal in Messonghi, most taverna s are of a similar standard and prices. My favourites though are Minore, excellent menu, and Haris & Family will make you really welcome. Korali, on the way down to the beach heading from Minore is excellent value for money, looks more like a cafe but is good for any meals all day. Next to Korali, the Seaside Snack bar is a lovely place to relax, and the kids can still be on the beach in front. Bacchus Taverna, also on the beach is a cut above the rest but more expensive.
For trips out there is Messonghi Travel Centre, where you can book various excursions or walk by the river and you can book boat trips directly with the Captains. There is a bus service into Corfu Town also from Messonghi. Some nice walks in the area if the kids are up for it! You will find that all the locals in the village are so friendly and helpful.
Any specific questions, just ask away! Where are you staying?



Hope you enjoyed your holiday in Messonghi & most of the tavern era were open for you???
We go in 2 weeks for our 1st visit of the year.

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