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Hire Car

Jan 11, 2012
United Kingdom
</div><div>We will be back to Sidari tomorrow/Monday 5th September for two weeks and the weather is looking a just a bit wet for quite a lot of next week
I don't mind that as I know it won't be cold and there is nowhere better to be if it is going to rain!! But, this will be out 9th time to Sidari and we usually hire out a moped for the two weeks, but being very very careful we never take it out if it is raining/slippy etc so hubby has told me it looks like it will have to be a hire car for at least the first few days if the weather is as it is being predicted at the moment.<div>
</div><div>We have never hired out a car in all those years and have no idea of the price, would anyone know how much it is per day, we are hoping we will only need it for two days!!</div><div>


Active member
Jan 11, 2012
Highly recommend Value Plus. We have a car from them at the moment and have done every holiday for many years. Good cars, reasonable prices and excellent service. Good luck.<div>

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