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First Time

Jan 11, 2012
United Kingdom
Hello, could someone help answer a couple of questions for me please?
We have been to Corfu many times, usually the other side of the island but for next year we are looking to go to Paleo. Firstly we have to travel in August so I was wondering just how busy the beaches are, are we likely to find a quiet spot and secondly has anybody ever stayed at the Hotel Paleo Inn, if so how did you find it? (and I don't mean which road it was on
Any help appreciated
Feb 27, 2013
Hi Cara

I've not stayed at the Paleo Inn but I know people return year after year, it's in a good spot with a great bar just next door called Petrinos.
I haven't been in August but I would say that the main beach will be very busy however there are 4 or 5 other beaches that will be quieter you can also hire a boat to explore and find secluded beaches for yourself or take a ride in one where they'll drop you off somewhere and pick you back up at an agreed time.
Paleo is beautiful and quietens down some in the evenings. Expect to do plenty of walking as the village is spread out along the coast road however the views around every corner are well worth the walks.
Jan 11, 2012
Hi Cara, as has been mentioned, Paleo is spread out along one road, The Paleo Inn is central along that road. The Hotel is very basic but clean and welcoming. Spiro at the bar in the evenings is great company and people congregate there and new friends are easily made. Petrinos next door is great, eclectic music softly playing, good basic food and welcoming especially when its hot as is well sheltered by trees.
The nearest beach is Adia Triada, about 200 yards away, which this year has been spruced up with leather chairs new tables and shelter which looks like sails. There is also a swimming pool to use so long as you spend a little money at the bar.
In August the main beaches about a mile away will be very busy, but not shoulder to shoulder. I would suggest you hire a car [Top Cars recommended] and explore a little.
There are plenty of good tavernas with easy walking, Nausica 50 yards and the other way The Grill House 100 yards. Plus Spiros, Belverdere, Nereids and if you have a car go to Doukades [Taverna Elizabeth] 5 miles or Boulis in Lakones [about 6 miles UPHILL!] both serving traditional Corfiot food.
Next year will be out 11th visit and as always, can't wait!!!

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