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Blue Sky Apartments


New member
Oct 9, 2013
Hi Sue. Hopefully I can be of help in answering any further concerns you have.<div>I've been going to Corfu twice a year for the last 21 years. Stayed in most places in and around Sidari, and 3 weeks ago, stayed at the Blue Sky for a week.</div><div>The apartments are very quiet, well away from the strip, and sufficiently far enough off the main Peroulades to Sidari road to mean that the traffic (and motorcycles) don't affect your peace and quiet. If you know The Orchard, or the road between Melitsa/Canal d'Amuor and the old village of Peroulades, you are about half way along. Opposite the driveway to Blue Sky is their own taverna, The Blue Ionian. They also serve breakfast in the mornings. </div><div>We stayed in Room 7, a two bed apartment, which overlooks the quiet and well-attended pool (about 10 steps from bed to pool!). Very nice apartment indeed.</div><div>Safety deposit boxes are not available at Blue Sky, but you have several places nearby which offer such services. If you want to guarantee the safety of your belongings, I'd advise using Kostas Koronakis and the Koronakis Club, mid-way from the apartments to Sidari, slap bang in the middle of Canal d'Amour. Kostas speaks good English, is honest, and very helpful. Does currency exchange too. His shop and the boxes are open 0800 - 2230 daily. He also does car, motorcycle and pedal cycle hire.</div><div>Supermarkets, locally you'd be hard pushed to beat the friendly family atmosphere at Babis Supermarket, on the main road through Canal d'Amour...Babis is a really lovely guy, and now he and his family are personal friends of mine, but my recommendation is not biased on my friendship...he really is a lovely guy with a good shop. Locally to Blue Sky, you have Taverna Giannis in Peroulades, simple but superb home cooked food, and at weekends sometimes, live Greek music. Mostly Greeks go there, with the occasional tourist. </div><div>I could go rattling on a lot more, but if you have any other question, please don't hesitate to ask.</div>

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