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Recent content by Traveler 2018

  1. Traveler 2018

    Restaurants on Crete

    We are looking for a family restaurant on Crete with a sea view and reasonable prices. We want to try delicious traditional Greek specialities with fresh local products. Any recommendations?
  2. Traveler 2018

    Villas in Cyprus Protaras

    If you like to stay in a luxury villa, you should stay in Villa Nemesis. I really like this villa! It's very beautiful and it's close to the beach! Check it out! I hope you'll like it!
  3. Traveler 2018

    Luxury villas in Crete

    I was in villa Asimenia and it is a spacious villa, suitable for 10 people. It's got a beautiful garden with a private round pool and a barbeque.
  4. Traveler 2018

    Pissouri Cyprus

    You can try paragliding too and many other water sports, as well. The staff from the water centre are friendly and helpful and you will have a great time. :)
  5. Traveler 2018

    Owners direct Corfu

    Can someone share a pleasant experience with a nice villa and friendly and helpful owners in Corfu?
  6. Traveler 2018

    Santorini villas to rent

    I recommend Cleo's Dream villa with an outdoor jacuzzi. Just perfect!!!
  7. Traveler 2018

    Corfu accommodation

    Check the villa Cochelli Villa Lower. It's got a fantastic sea view and the beach is on a 6 min walk.
  8. Traveler 2018

    Cyprus property for rent

    This villa Altea has a wonderful view, I really like it. Thank you!
  9. Traveler 2018

    Cyprus property news

    Thank you very much!
  10. Traveler 2018

    Holiday lettings Cyprus

    If you are up to 6 people, you can book villa Thalassa in Latchi. It is lovely and stylish, and you can enjoy with your friends in its private swimming pool and the beautiful garden. Latchi also offers many exciting activities such as trying a water sport in the water sports center. Villa...
  11. Traveler 2018

    Corfu Greece hotels

    Hmmm, I missed "the bus part" while I was there...
  12. Traveler 2018

    Corfu Greece hotels

    I recommend you the restaurant 4 Seasons that is close to the harbor in Loggos in Paxos. I tried the pizza there. It's with a thin base and perfectly cooked. It was very delicious! mmmm
  13. Traveler 2018

    Corfu Rubbish Situation

    It's sad to see piles of rubbish on a beautiful island :( Maybe the authorities should form a specialized service that will take care of that. They should recycle the garbage as well.
  14. Traveler 2018

    Cyprus property for rent

    I'm a writer, and I intend to write a story which has a part connected with Cyprus. For that reason, I need to stay for a week in a beautiful place in Cyprus where I could creatively express myself. So if you know a villa suitable for me, please recommend me. Thank you in advance!
  15. Traveler 2018

    Cyprus property news

    I'm working in a company that is planning to buy a property in Cyprus so if anyone has any information about the properties for sale there or about the price, do not hesitate to contact me as soon as possible. Thank you in advance!

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