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Recent content by SusieH

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    Whole Milk

    If you want fresh milk it will be in a carton with blue lettering.
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    Mare Blue Resort, St Spyridon

    It is certainly possible but it is a long walk, no idea how far in miles etc. but I reckon it would take a good hour But... I believe they run a shuttle bus to and from Kassiopi.
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    Where To Stay

    Think it is very difficult to recommend places because everyone likes something different We like quiet and unspoiled with no watersports and if possible no sunbeds. No loud music bars just a good supermarket, a few tavernas and a baker does us!! If that is what you are looking for then I...
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    Do I Need A Light Jacket In The Evenings

    All I would take with me was a light weight fleece which I would wear to and from the airport in the UK. In October I also take a warm cardie!! - although I rarely need it!!
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    Elounda In October

    Nor should it Mick it was like a warm bath!!!
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    Taverna Recommendations In Finikounda

    Just enjoy yourselves!!! Susie
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    Taverna Recommendations In Finikounda

    Can't be far!! My friends are getting on and disabled and they manage the walk!! It was them that recommended the Kalistri.
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    Taverna Recommendations In Finikounda

    The best place to eat, I am told is Benetiko taverna, a family run place with Momma doing the cooking. Lots of locals and ex pats eat there and former reps. Not on the main strip. Coming down the road from the church you turn left at the seafront instead of right. It's a little way along there...
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    Taverna Recommendations In Finikounda

    I will ask my friends, regular visitors.
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    Taxis From Airport To Finikounda?

    You could consider hiring a car. It is a fairly easy drive from the airport and the signage is very good. You would then have a car for the duration of your holiday and we able to use it to visit all sorts of places withing easy reach
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    Kallisti Studios are close to the beach and have a sea view and near to tavernas. I have friends who stay there.
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    There are tavernas which back onto the beach almost the whole length. It is very Greek and not at all noisy Kallisti Studios...Thomas Cook are good.
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    Rhodes In September

    I am struggling to think where black volcanic mountains are on Rhodes Colin!!! Rhodes is green and beautiful with wonderful inland villages. I have friends who love Pefkos but I have never stayed there. Several times we have toured round it exploring in the car but it is not for us, we prefer...
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    The Aphrodite supermarket in Nissaki has its own bakery next door!! Sells cakes too. LOL
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    Best Resort

    I hate making recommendations I loved Agia Ephimia but it isn't for everyone. Quiet, small number of tavernas, pebble beaches, supermarket and bakers. It is wonderfully placed to explore the rest of the island!!

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