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Recent content by sue avrio

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    Akron Seascape Resort

    Who knows David. Many hotels (particularly privately owned) did not bother to open this year as the Covid protocol on cleaning etc did not make it viable. Corfu did not open to tourists until mid-July so for many it was just not worth it when factoring in the amount of cancellations. Bookings...
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    San Antonio

    That's interesting as San Antonio is open atm but with very few guests. Maybe they do not want UK clients.
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    Advise on Waste Management Options

    we have a green sewage system installed at our house in Kalami but the company (Ionian Green Technologies) are no longer on the island. Try posting your question on the Corfu Grapevine. you are welcome to message me if you would like any further info.
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    I have a house in Kalami which i rent out when when family and friends are not using it. We are looking at a fairly substantial loss of income this year but out of our control. Regular guests have transferred bookings to 2021 and we appreciate the leap of faith. The loss of income is felt even...
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    For x6 people you would need a minibus which is currently approx 120 euro. You should be able to book one easily nearer your travel date through the hotel or one of the travel offices in the village.
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    Returning to Kalami in June

    There are day and evening trips to Corfu Town which regularly leave from the Jetty in Kalami. Just call in at Sunshine Travel when you arrive to check the schedules. Also daily boat taxi to Kassiopi.
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    shipping from uk to corfu

    contact Clare at https://www.delfini.co.uk/ . I use their services regularly and they are completely trustworthy and reliable,
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    Rubbish again I'm afraid.

    Still rubbish issues on the island sadly. some areas are better than others and cannot comment on Messonghi. Many locations are making a good effort with recycling which is cutting down on the overall domestic refuse.
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    Problems with rubbish

    No its fairly clear at the moment but it is a huge area they have allocated. Maybe they are including recycling as well which would be good
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    Problems with rubbish

    Its still not great but better than this time last year with some areas better than others. In the Gimari/Kalami area there has been a great initiative towards recycling run entirely by volunteers with the aim to cut down on the amount of general rubbish. Kassiopi town was clear last week with a...
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    Problems with rubbish

    Hmmn.... always messy at the start of the season. Arrive tomorrow to ready our house for the summer so will update on my return next week. I know some areas have made great improvements with the recycling but its the general rubbish which is a concern.
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    Taxi Boat

    They did last year but I think it depends on how busy they are at the time.
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    Long term rental

    It would be worth investing in a cheap flight and looking in person. Many locals have places they rent out but do not advertise. Ask around in a few bars and restaurants.
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    Rubbish Update

    I can totally understand their views.
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    Rubbish Update

    its so disappointing as I have regular guests who are not returning this year due to the rubbish situation.

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