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    Nautilus All Inclusive Ipsos

    Oops - just noticed the OP was going in June so this reply is a bit late!! Hope you enjoyed yourself!
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    Nautilus All Inclusive Ipsos

    Hi there, We were there last year. It's a nice hotel, nothing fancy - basic, clean, and all we needed. Each room has a fridge, TV and toilet/shower. Air-con is available and payable in the hotel (I think it was 10 euros per day but don't quote me on that). There is no tea/coffee facilities in...
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    Tornado In Kalami

    <div> </div><div>We were on the Nautilus the day before! I did some zooming on my photos originals and that may very well be the Nautilus dodging the bottom of the twister in the pics above</div>
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    Tornado In Kalami

    I hadn't realised it came into land. We spotted it out to sea from Barbati...<div> </div><div> </div><div></div><div> </div><div> </div><div></div>
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    Your Favorite Corfu Retreat

    Floating on a boat at Agios Arsenios with no-one else around.<div> </div>
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    Old Agni Site

    I had no problems posting on the old site (with not a lot of points!) Nice to be back. <DIV></DIV> <DIV>It's also nice to note that all the pics from last year are now available in the webcam archive </DIV> <DIV>Thanks Nathan</DIV>
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    Change One

    Stay away
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    When Is Everyone Going

    Athens ..... in about 4 hours
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    Nissaki Sea View

    We did a lovely walk from Kaminaki beach- heading north/east along the coast, through the grounds of the Nissaki Beach Hotel, Agni Bay and finished up in Kalami. <div></div> <div>We set off at 7am (didn't want to be doing a lot of hiking in the midday sun!). Arrived at Agni Bay by about 9am and...
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    Word Association

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    Brain Test

    Y35! ;)
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    Old Nissaki Forum

    Thanks for posting this Elliemay - it would be a great shame to lose all the useful info from the old site. <DIV></DIV>
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    Easyjet Seeks To Extend Greek Summer Season

    We're flying from Manchester to Athens in a couple of weeks and got an email noting changes to our booking. Couldn't see any obvious diffrences at first but when I looked closer the terminal the flights left from and arrivedat had changed but not the times etc. Took a while to spot it and...
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    Who is the oldest member?

    42 ... and booked up to spend my birthday this year in Athens overlooking the Parthenon with a Mythos and some Baklava!!
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    <DIV></DIV> <DIV></DIV> <DIV></DIV> <DIV>Oops - replied to an earlier post and didn't read this one first - Sorry </DIV> <DIV></DIV> <DIV>P.S - I just clicked on the Beach by mistake and got in (still don't ahve the post number mentioned above though but who's complaining) </DIV>

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