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Recent content by sedgi

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    Visit To Danillia

    Well I emailed Grecotel and they let us meet there and join tour, cost 10 euro each was a lovely visit x<div> </div>
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    Visit To Danillia

    Just got back from another 2 lovely weeks in Barbati Corfu. Had the opportunity to visit Danillia village where Durrells was filmed. They are returning 15th September to record next series.Visit was amazing. Then went to White House for lunch lovely day. x<div> </div><div>Sedgi x </div>
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    Anyone stayed at Thelassa Villa?<div> </div>
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    Is It Nice

    Going to Barbati July 2017, staying at Villa Thalassa. Anyone been and what is Barbati like? x<div> </div><div> </div>
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    The Durrells

    Can someone tell me which channel please x
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    Flight Delay Compensation

    Can anyone please help was anyone on the Corfu flight in summer 2012 July/August that was delayed by 27 hours and had to stay overnight when hydraulics went on plane. Anyone have exact date and flight number.<div> </div><div>We ended up staying at Pink Palace hostel.</div><div>...
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    Help Needed Please!!!

    Thank you for your reply much appreciated.<div>x</div>
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    Help Needed Please!!!

    Does any one know if you can go to Kefalonia from Zante. If so where from and time to travel and approximate cost.<div> <div>Also anyone stayed at Rizolia villas in Zante.</div><div> <div>Thanks and much appreciated</div><div>sedgi xx</div></div></div>
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    Feeling Excited

    Just booked Rizolia Villas in Zante for July. Feeling Happy. x<div> <div>Anyone been.</div></div>
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    Where To Stay

    Having spent many holidays in Greece, mainly Corfu, looking to Kefalonia. Any ideas where to stay?<div> <div>Thanks </div></div>
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    Please Help

    Hi where is the best place to stay in Kefalonia? Like Corfu a lot and been 15 times in last 20 years but need a change. Went to Pefkos Rhodes loved it. Went to Zante Tsilivi Loved it went to Sidari this year disappointed but enjoyed it. Want to go to Kefalonia, like a nice spot and 2 bedroomed...
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    Bringing Euros Back To The Uk

    Oh sorry! Well will have to spend them all then.
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    Bringing Euros Back To The Uk

    Don't think it will be a problem I swapped 2000 to get EURO at Thomson and you can pay so when you swap them back you do not lose money.<div> </div><div>Somehow though don't think I will bring any back.</div><div> </div><div>sedgi</div>
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    Anyone Warming Up For Sidari?

    Stayed at Stema before FAB, staying at Paradise in July, cant wait, been 2 years. Been to Rhodes and Zante really looking foreward to this Holiday. xx
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    Help!! Which Resort To Choose?

    Transfer only takes hour and half and get to see the islands I love the transfer to be honest.<div> </div><div>sedgi</div>

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