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Recent content by scubaboy

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    Ferry From Corfu To Igoumenitsa

    Thanks for the replys
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    Ferry From Corfu To Igoumenitsa

    Does anyone know what times the ferrys from Corfu to Igouminitsa start running in the morning and finish in the evening
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    Fish Foot Spa In Sidari

    Well Stu Sue said she aint going in at the same time as you because your snoring will frighten the fish
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    Fish Foot Spa In Sidari

    Sidari will have a fish foot spa opening in early May, it will be located behind the Adia tourist office on the main strip very close to Midas jewellery shop. Perfect relaxation for those tired feet after a hard days night. It will be English run any you can pay either in euros or sterling. Hope...

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