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    Monarch Saved

    I'm sure some of you have known about Monarch and it's recent troubles. They had until midnight to sort their future out and they have made it, just!! BUT they will only fly to Corfu from Luton in 2015 and may resume the service from other airports when matters settle down. Little bit of what's...
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    Inter Island Flights

    This service has been around for at least 2 years.<div></div><div>http://www.skyexpress.gr/en-us/home.aspx</div><div></div><div></div>
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    Ryanair Follows easyJet

    Just a clip from their press release, allocated seats just like EJ, nice!<div></div><div>Ryanair is pleased to announce in today’s results that it will from 1 Feb 2014 move to fully allocated seating on all Ryanair flights, making the boarding process smoother, and enabling families or other...
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    For The Football Fanatics On The Forum

    Got to be Basketball.
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    Athens Short Break

    I've had 2 short breaks in Athens and stayed in 2 areas, Plaka and Psiri. At night Psiri is bursting with local people, Tavenas and cafe are full and there are some good clubs for live Greek music.<div></div><div>Might be an idea to look at the link below, the ulimate guide to Athens in my...
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    Direct UK Flights December?

    Olympic have corfu-athens from £35 and Easy have fares to Gatwick from 53 Euros, no big wait either. Did this 4 years ago but opted for the long wait so we could nip into Athens for a toot, great fun!
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    Not Sure Where To Stay

    Yep right place, might want to look at the site below on the village, the 360 tour is very good.<div></div><div>http://agios-gordios.net/</div><div></div><div></div>
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    Ryanair, Did Anyone See?

    Yet another programme trying to bash Ryanair and failing big style. It always amazes me that people dont follow the rules with Ryanair and then cry scam, yes they charge for everything but it's in their T & C. If the Pilot and crew are happyto get on and fly then so will I. Below is a little...
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    Small Planet Going??

    Now it becomes clear, note the Director near the bottom of the post. SAME guy that has joined SP!<div></div><div> A flight broker with links to former XL Leisure boss Phil Wyatt has gone into liquidation. Gatwick-based Meridian Aviation Ltd, which provided flights to Olympic Holidays, Sunvil...
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    Small Planet Going??

    The SP Gatwick flight should have landed at 01.30am but now not due till 20.30pm, only a 19 hour delay! Strange how Manchester seems OK, maybe they have one of the newer A320's flying that route.
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    Small Planet Going??

    Something going on here as most SP flights from Gatwick and Birmingham to Greece have been changed to various airlines and people have been "dumped" off their flight by Olympic saying the plane has been "downsized!" so no...
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    Small Planet Going??

    It all stems from this article see a snip from it below.<div></div><div> The management team of the holiday charter airline Small Planet Airlines has been joined by Mr. Halldor Sigurdarson, who brings a wealth of international business experience. As of May, Mr. Sigurdarson assumes the role of...
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    Small Planet Going??

    All over the net like a rash that this outfit has had it. Various other airlines have been taking peeps back from the Greek islands yesterday and today including Grand Cru and Cyprus airways. Might be a delay or two if you are with these guys.
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    AO Kerkyra News

    Dead and buried I reckon after todays game.<div></div><div><table id="flashscore" ="team"> <t> <tr><td ="tname-home logo-enable">Kerkyra</td><td ="current-result">1</span>-</span>2</span></td><td ="tname-away logo-enable">Levadiakos</td></tr> </t> </table></div><div></div><div></div>
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    Flight Delay Compensation

    Losing your job due to the inability of the airline to repair or replace an aircraft within a reasonable time is the fault of the airline.<div></div><div></div>You really think they have a spare aircraft lying about or they have the exact part to hand that has broken? Aircraft only earn money...

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