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Recent content by nathsamk

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    Exchange Rates

    Hi all We're going to Roda on Monday 23rd May. 😄😄😄 Just wanted to know what the exchange rate is at the moment over there. Cheers all
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    St Spyridon Evenings

    Thanks all<div> </div><div>We are going the end of May, the 25th till the 1st June so not expecting peak season activity but a few tavernas would be nice.</div><div> </div><div>Cant wait, thanks again.</div>
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    St Spyridon Evenings

    So hi all<div> </div><div>As you can see from my previous post we are off to the Mare Blue resort in May for a week. We've gone all inclusive so the kids can have free reign of a day time helping themselves to drinks and stuff but come evening time chances are we will be going for a wander into...
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    Saint Spyridon

    Thanks for that. Weve found that the best option for us is an AI for the daytime so that the kids can just help themselves to drinks and snacks. Then come the evening we can wonder around the village looking for a nice place to eat and maybe a few mythos' or sweet red wine... Cant wait
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    Saint Spyridon

    Hi all<div> </div><div>Just booked the Mare Blue in St.Spyridon. Were going on May 25th during the half term break for a week. Never been there before weve done Roda, Sidari, Agios Gordis, St Georges south and Kassioppi so not sure what to expect. </div><div> </div><div>Went All Inclusive cause...
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    Booked. Were On Our Way!!!

    <div style="text-align: left;">Thanks everyone, we are really looking forward to what sounds like a very friendly and welcoming place. We always make a point of not staying at the hotel all the time and will be having a wander round both day and night especially on the Wednesday night for our...
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    Your Favorite Corfu Retreat

    Not sure of the name of the place but we found a little place in its own little cove on the north east coast. Its a winding drive down a little road from the main road (past Kassiopi).<div> </div><div>When you get there, there is a little jetty and in front of the taverna and a little swallows...
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    Ryanair Hand Baggage

    Hi all<div> </div><div>Now I dont want to worry anybody but my advice would be to double check on your outbound flight as I flew Manchester to Corfu last year and the outbound flight was no trouble at all, we had one hand luggage each, one hand bag and a carrier bag. </div><div> </div><div>The...
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    Booked. Were On Our Way!!!

    <div>Well at last we have booked our 10 year anniversary holiday for August...WITHOUT THE KIDS!!!</div><div> </div><div>Were off to the Aquis Agios Gordis for a little week. We stayed at the Sandy beach in St George's South last year so if the standard is the same or better than we cant go...
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    Louis Corcyra Beach In Gouvia

    Hi all<div> </div><div>Its been a while since Ive been on here so hope everyones well...</div><div> </div><div>I was wondering if anybody has stayed at the above hotel as Ive been looking at it on First Choices web site. Is there anything else in the area or is it a stand alone hotel in the...
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    Small Planet

    Hi all<div> </div><div>I just thought that it was worth putting a little post up about the airline Small Planet.</div><div> </div><div>Ive just returned from a week away in Corfu booked through Olympic holidays. Before I went I read a couple of post both on here and other sites that gave me a...
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    Greek Villages & Driving Times

    I wish I knew about these drives when I went in June without the kids. I ended up just pointing the car and driving till I found something worth stopping for, which was more often than not.<div> </div><div>Thats the good thing about hiring a car in Corfu, I found it impossible to get lost as you...
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    Tazikis Apartments

    Hi all<div> </div><div>After getting back from a week in June we couldnt wait to get back, this time though with the kids...</div><div> </div><div>Weve got a last minute break in Sidari at the Tazikis apartments for a week on the 13 September.</div><div> </div><div>Does anybody know whereabout...
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    Current Weather

    Just looking at the weather forcast for when we go and ... oh no ... From the 11th May on it is rain!!! Why why why
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    Car Hire

    Hi all only just over a week to go now, just wondering if anybody had any ideas on how much car hire would be for a day or two, just the smallest chespest kind. As we may wanna go up north to see a few friends...<div> </div><div>Thanks all</div>

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