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    TV Programme "Corfu: A Tale Of Two Islands"

    For all those who watched tale of two cities..(whoops islands) well my vote 7 out of 10 Anyone notice not a Mythos or ouzo to be seen but although a little predictable it was good to see all positives and couldnt you tell it was proper television and not a cheap lets show the Britts falling...
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    Just Booked Next Year

    We booked last week flights only and £200 more in a week cant believe that the price has escalated to that What worries me is that if us "regulars" have got the best prices is it going to be that people will look to other Greek islands as a few havnt gone up in price yet ... Ive been watching...
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    TV Programme "Corfu: A Tale Of Two Islands"

    We have a very very good friend and her friends ...they were caught off guard and didnt realise that it was going to be on proper TV , and she lives there. She told it like it is, so maybe be in for a few home truths,and for admin this isnt a negative. Please watch the program its going to be...
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    Price easyjet ... and train to Manchester airport. We have friends who live Glasgow, they saved £300 last year buy doing that, so look and try.
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    Just Booked Next Year

    Got our flights and ... great flights prices easyjet. Thanks £90 cheaper than Thomson ... and others
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    Did It On The Old Site

    See...sometimes I get things right. Nice to see so varied answers...but...Elliemay your on my side been complaining about a certain resort north island for years. Kavos being the first andI go every year to Kavos to see friends from 30 years ago but hey Ime over 18 <div></div>KEEP EM COMING...
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    Did It On The Old Site

    Having done a few holidays this year Europe and UK (dont get me on that topic) its 2 years since I asked this question and Ime sure new members may help... <div></div> <div>1.Wheres your favouriteholiday resort/place?</div> <div></div> <div>2.Where was the worst holiday?</div> <div></div>...
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    Mythos UK

    Yes I know it hasbut on promotion till 14 Octoberits also sold Tesco but silly moneyand I should know Ime tightbuy it at full price (staff discount Morrisons) so ordered a case for last day of promotion with drinks manager
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    Mythos UK

    Morrisons on offer again butnot as cheap as earlier this year £1-49 this time ...bought some last night. Having tonight as not cold enoughand close my eyesand dream maybe lamb tonight (sorry no lamb faces)
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    What Has Happened To Flights

    Have been looking at flights for 2013 and amazed at prices for May/June. From Manchester the cheapest has been £200 return even with the cheaper flight companies, am worried that people looking for flight only maybe will look elsewhere for holidays, I really hope they dont.<div></div>
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    Need Help Please!

    Ime sure a few people on here could help as they have their own places they might rent<div id="LCS_336D0C35_8A85_403a_B9D2_65C292C39087_communicationDiv"></div>
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    Parking In Corfu Town

    Whenever we go we always park on the cricket ground car park 3 euros a day .. but dont be afriad to get in the queue to get on it may take up to 30 minutes to get on but worth the wait as your centre for everything. <div>The car parking on the street around that area can be a pain and going for...
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    Best Place To Stay Overnight Driving To Corfu

    Thanks for all your advice think Ille go Blackpool, der dont think so he he <div>But again Ille mull over and rethink.</div> <div>Ta</div>
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    Best Place To Stay Overnight Driving To Corfu

    OK so flights UK/Corfu August are comeing up crazy ... £400 plus Manchester <div>So thinking driving </div> <div>But worked out costs including car hire when we get there ...and enjoy driving ... takes 2 days according to maps etc.</div><div>Ferry Bari ... 1404miles from Manchester .... but...

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