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Recent content by Katy

  1. K

    Cyprus property for rent

    If you go to www.agnitravel.com you can find some of the best villas in Cyprus with breathtaking views.
  2. K

    Apartments for sale in Cyprus

    You can find some properties for sale here Properties for sale in Agia Marina Kelokedaron, Paphos, Cyprus - Agia Marina Kelokedaron, Paphos, Cyprus properties for sale - Primelocation
  3. K

    Paphos holiday rentals

    I suggest staying at Dolphin Villa 2. It is very beautiful, tranquil, and close to the beach.
  4. K

    Boutique Hotel Corfu

    Hi, check this website where you'll find a number of boutique hotels in Corfu. Boutique Hotels Corfu
  5. K

    St George Corfu

    Villa Ninos is an amazing, modern place to stay. It sleeps up to 6 people, and it has a spacious swimming pool.
  6. K

    Messonghi Corfu

    Hello, I would like to ask what kind of area is Messonghi in Corfu? Is it touristy or is it quite and tranquil place where you can enjoy a peaceful holiday? Thank you
  7. K

    Property for sale Cyprus Paphos

    Hello, My brother is looking for a property for sale in Paphos, Cyprus and I am trying to help him find a nice place. I was hoping you guys could share your opinions with me and recommend some beautiful house. It doesn't have to be very big, but it should be cozy and in good condition. Any...
  8. K

    Corfu all inclusive hotels

    We stayed for a week at Corfu Mare Boutique Hotel last summer and we were generally satisfied. It is located close to Corfu town and it is very picturesque. The service was friendly, and the staff was very helpful. The rooms were pretty nice and clean. Pool area was also clean just like the...
  9. K

    Corfu villa holidays

    Hi everyone, My family and I are visiting Corfu in the middle of October, so we are looking for a nice place to stay that is near the beach and all the necessary amenities since we have a 3-month baby. Any recommendations?
  10. K

    North Cyprus Property

    Hi everyone. I travel to northern Cyprus very often for business purposes, and sometimes I even have to stay there for days or weeks. I was thinking about investing in a property, and I would like to ask you if you could recommend some nice place for sale. Thank you!
  11. K

    Villas in Cyprus Paphos

    When I and my family visited Cyprus we stayed for a month so we had the time to go around the island, and we stayed in several different villas in different areas. In Paphos, you can find some of the best villas, and they are all nice. However, we chose to stay at villa Zenon, and we made the...
  12. K

    Villas in Cyprus with private pool

    We went to Cyprus three months ago and we stayed at villa Clementina in Agia Marina. The place is wonderful with stunning sea view and a very nice outdoor swimming pool. The beach is also on walking distance. I highly recommend it.
  13. K

    Coral Bay villas

    Hello, I am planning to visit Cyprus in March 2019 and would love to be situated in Coral Bay. Could you please recommend me some nice and clean villas in the area? Thank you, Katy.
  14. K

    Things to do in Cyprus

    I visited Cyprus in 2017 and I had an amazing time there. Here's a list of some of the things we did that I highly recommend: visit Pafos archeological site - if you love the history here you can see great mosaics, and remains from medieval times, as well as learn about many interesting...
  15. K

    Cyprus beaches

    I would love to spend my holiday in Cyprus relaxing on some tranquil beaches. Would you recommend some of them that are not that busy?

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