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Recent content by Janste

  1. J

    Jon Banos's Bar

    Not yet, although it is expected to open soon. Jon told us last week that the paperwork was starting to fall into place.
  2. J

    Aegean Flights From Athens

    Forgot to say - that is with British Airways!!!
  3. J

    Aegean Flights From Athens

    We've just booked two flights from Athens to Heathrow at the end of January - €89 per person with 23kg hold luggage and including complementary food & drinks. Good timings too.
  4. J

    Aegean Flights From Athens

    It's probably all tied up with their acquisition of Olympic later this month. Olympic's schedules are out but it is only their name and style - the management is Aegean.
  5. J


    I have seen occasional pheasants near to Agnos, but this was neither a hen nor a cock pheasant and not a juvenile either. Its plumage was very dark all over. There are grouse in Greece, and I have often seen heathers here, but not at sea level I think. It emerged from the area by the round house...
  6. J


    Has anyone heard of a sighting of a bird that is very similar to a hen pheasant in the area around Almiros in St George's Bay? I used to live on a pheasant farm, and this fleeting glance reminded me very much of such a bird. It was much darker than our UK birds, but its run, flight, size and...
  7. J

    Back From Sidari

    Why try independent travel next year? So many people do now, even single women. I rarely go to Sidari at night, but I'm sure it's not too different from Roda where people wander freely and safely. It is quite common for successful resorts around the world to rest on their laurels and, from what...
  8. J

    Jon Banos

    Jon & Michelle's Bar should be open before the end of August - it's looking very good now. Steve
  9. J

    Taxi Fares To Roda 2013

    Is Corfu airport transfer the company that requires payment in full in advance?
  10. J

    What! No Webcams?

    A webcam for Roda was talked about some five years ago and it has reared its head again recently - maybe later this year.
  11. J

    New Ferry Route

    Minoan were acquired by Grimaldi a little while ago and the service from Trieste is proving very popular. To drive to Trieste from the UK, try the northerly route through Germany, coming into Italy via Villach and Udine - more miles/less tolls. A 5m camper with two people, an inside cabin and...

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