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Recent content by Janpan

  1. J

    Anybody been this year?

    All sounds very positive and good to hear everything is as wonderful as before. Thank you for taking the time to update us all. Enjoy the rest of your holiday.
  2. J

    Anybody been this year?

    So good to read a report of a holiday experience from someone who visited this summer. Thank you Deedee. Pleased all went well for you and you had a good time. Let's hope more of us will make it back eventually.
  3. J

    Anybody been this year?

    We haven't either, mainly due to the pandemic but also because we have sold our house earlier this year and are due to move soon. Really missed Kassiopi as we didn't go last year either. Maybe next year ......
  4. J

    Corfu Countdown 2020 .....

    Fingers crossed it happens for you.
  5. J

    Porto Nuovo web-cam.

    It's a good, clear webcam. The harbour still looking quiet.
  6. J

    Harbour bar

    Has anyone noticed the big red and white boat in the harbour? It looks very big and powerful.
  7. J


    I am sad to say we won't be booking this year or possibly not until a vaccine is widely available to all.:(
  8. J

    Kalo Mina

    Strange weather we're having. It's been 22° here in the NW England for the past week or so but all set to change tomorrow .... rain!
  9. J

    Logging in

    Sorry, can't help you. All I can say is I haven't come across this problem, but, I can understand how annoying it must be. Hopefully someone will post some useful advice.
  10. J

    Harbour bar

    There must have been a problem, the colour has been rather odd for the last couple of days but it's back up now looking good.
  11. J

    Holidays, Covid-19 etc.

    Have you ever looked at the Enimerosi.com website. I understand it's a Corfu on-line newspaper. This morning there were photos of a group of volunteers making an excellent job of clearing the area around the hospital :)
  12. J

    Holidays, Covid-19 etc.

    Thanks Jilly2. Just watched the video. It might be as close as we get to Corfu this year, for us anyway.
  13. J

    Holidays, Covid-19 etc.

    Couldn't find the video on YouTube. Could you tell me what you typed in? Thanks.
  14. J

    Harbour bar

    I always assumed the boats were taken down to Gouvia Marina for the winter, can't think of anywhere else.
  15. J

    Holidays, Covid-19 etc.

    As difficult as it is to accept I think you are probably right Elliemay. What we have to remember is, as sad as it would be for us not to be able holiday on our favourite island this year, the lack of visitors is much more serious for the people of Corfu and could have devastating consequences...

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