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Recent content by janmanessi

  1. J

    Lidl Supermarket In Corfu Town

    The one near the airport is much larger and is being extended still further. Leave airport, turning left at and of access road. At traffic lights (which go red when aircraft taking off) turn right, then take first turning left. At the roundabout (30 metres further on) go straight over then...
  2. J

    Leaving Cases At Corfu Airport In Secure Place

    The bus to and from the airport stops at the ferry port I am sure.<div> <div> </div> </div>
  3. J

    Trying To Find Someone

    Would recommend putting this on 2 facebook pages...Corfu Grapevine and Corfu Forum- both seen by more Corfu residents who may be able to help.
  4. J

    Small Planet Airline

    I feel sorry for them, small company trying to join the big league- fine when all goes well but not the 'spare' aircraft to utilise when there is a problem- especially in August.
  5. J

    Airport Taxis

    Plenty of car hire companies will deliver late at night- try Corfu Plus.<div> </div>
  6. J

    Fish Market

    Open Monday-Saturday 6.30am-1pm in market along the side of the New Fort. Most fishmongers will also clean your fish for you.
  7. J

    The Durrells

    Told that it starts on western Easter Sunday.
  8. J

    Marriage In Corfu Advice Please!

    Anne Kantas is brilliant too.<div> </div>
  9. J

    Greek Easter 2016

    Hotel is between the airport and Garitsa- faces the football stadium. Residential area but easy stroll to Garitsa. Don't miss the Garitsa Good Friday Epitaphios which goes out quite early, think about 4.30pm.
  10. J

    Ryanair Open New Base In Corfu

    Salaries for many essential employees at Corfu airport have already been drastically cut and totally unfair practices accepted by people desperate to hang onto job. Friend in security had salary cut by 30%, then told he had to go to Athens for refresher course...at his own expense (transport...
  11. J

    Ryanair Open New Base In Corfu

    Well, before everyone gets too excited look into the reasons the Danes threw out their Ryan Air base at Billund last season (and cancelled flights in the middle of the year as a result). Not meaning to throw a damper on it, hope it works, and that they have learnt their lesson and don't treat...
  12. J

    Total Lunar Eclipse

    In Corfu it starts at 3.10am, peaks at 5.45am and ends at 8.10am.
  13. J

    The Myth Of Cricket

    There is also a pitch (of sorts) in the Ropa Valley. Incidentally there was a cricket tournament in one of the Athens stadiums recently- the league there is made up of teams of immigrants mainly from Pakistan and Bangladesh.
  14. J


    La Famiglia is good, but try Anthis opposite, or my favourite, whose name translates as 'Everything in its season' in the tiny square at the top of the same 'candouni'
  15. J

    Do I Need A Light Jacket In The Evenings

    I'd have something to put over your shoulders...sitting out now and pleasant but definitely getting cooler gradually.

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