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Recent content by GRYFFENDOR

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    Paxos/Anti Paxos

    Thinking of going to Paxos/Anti Paxos next year for the first time. Should we book to go from Kassiopi or should we travel further south before booking?
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    What To Do Next?

    It's 10 Euros for an hour.
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    What To Do Next?

    Go to the harbour and take a trip on the yellow submarine and see a different world.
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    Just looking on the harbour bar webcam and there seems to be something going on with a cherry picker. Wonder whats happening.
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    Sun Cream

    Hmmm. Seem to have gone off topic I see.
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    Sun Cream

    Is it possible to get Hawaiian Tropics in Kassiopi, also Nivea factor 50? T.I.A.
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    Two weeks starting May 26th, staying at the Manessis apartments.
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    Bus Times

    Could anyone please tell me the time of the first bus to Corfu town and the last bus back and if possible, the time it takes. Can you get a return ticket? We usually travel by boat but just fancy a change. Thank you.
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    Kassiopi 2016

    We'll be there from the 17th June for two weeks, will also be calling in at MakMak.Staying at the Mary Helen for the first time.
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    First Meal

    We always have our first meal at the Oassis, dolmades followed by kleftico.
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    Great Holiday But...

    Wouldn't it be a good idea that, instead of holidaymakers complaining about the state of the beach, realising the financial state Greece is in at the moment, they mucked in and helped clear it up. All well and good moaning about it. You would probably muck in if it was your street or park that...
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    Airport Transfer

    Hi Goldensun, sorry for the delay. As mentioned above by Bambas, it took about 1 1/2 hrs and worked out at €35 return for the two of them. I will be using them next year.
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    Airport Transfer

    My son and his fiancé have just come back after two weeks in Kassiopi and they used resort hoppa.
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    Kassiopi Web Cams

    Does anybody know if Kassiopi Travel are going to set up their webcam again this year?
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    Been selling it in Morrisons for a few years now.

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