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    Corfu Countdown 2020 .....

    Booked late July/early August and then for the beer festival in September.
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    Corfu festivals/events/celebrations

    Not a big corporate affair at all. Give it a go.
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    Events in the area in the last two weeks of September 2019?

    Corfu beer festival is on at Arillas. Entertainment, food, beer and a great event.
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    Car hire

    We use: Corfu Car Rentals | Car Rental services in Corfu - Greece - Home
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    New House

    Nearly there. Fly out on Monday 29th April for a few days R&R in the new house. Need to finish a few jobs and a trip into town is required but very excited. Just me and the Wife too.....no kids! :)
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    Corfu countdown 2019 🌞🌞🌞🌞

    Going back to Acharavi on 28th April for a few days. Then on 6th August for 2 weeks. And then back for the beer festival late September.
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    Old Forum Member

    Been a member for a while. Based in Acharavi when over in Corfu. Next out end of April.
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    New House

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    New House

    Well, after 20 odd years in our house in Acharavi, in was decided last year that we needed to move. Children have been born (and got bigger!), and we simply needed a larger property. So, we a heavy heart, we had to give notice to our landlord, and venture to pastures new.....the other end of...
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    Corfu Beer Festival 2019

    I'll be there. Got return flights from Manchester for £80 and hopefully getting a mini bus from Acharavi. Last year was great. An event the island should be proud of.
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    Holidays on Corfu,any suggestions ?

    Pirates Bar and Drunken Sailor are pretty lively in Roda and stay open very late. Other than that, you are a short taxi ride to Sidari which is very lively. Enjoy!
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    Hearing that Hydropolis will only be open to hotel guests at the Gelina this year. Shame as used to enjoy a day with my children there.
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    August Festival?

    I think it may be the festival of St Spyridon which is 11th August. List of festivals below: The Feasts in Corfu All the most important festivals and events of Corfu have religious connotations. Orthodox religion (almost all the population) and Christianity (only 4% of the population) form the...
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    Corfu City Pass

    Not sure if this has been posted before but looks like a good idea and could save people a few Euros. Some good blog posts too: https://corfucitypass.com/ Cheers
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    We rent out an apartment in Acharavi all year round and get out whenever we can. We also have friends who have made the move permanently but rent in case they ever feel they need to return to the UK. The winter's in Corfu are soooo different to the Summer that I would recommend anyone thinking...

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