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    Anyone Warming Up For Sidari?

    I'll be in Sidari 18 August for 2 weeks with my daughter and grandson (San Stefanos in June with friends) and then Sidari in October with my other daughter. Feeling very lucky and excited even after 20+ years of going to Corfu.
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    The Two Faces Of January

    Just watched the trailer and I'm hooked already - even though I wouldn't usually go for a film like this I can't wait to see it. Thanks for letting us know about it.
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    Corfu In All It's Glory

    Oh thank goodness - I needed something like this to help the post holiday depression even though I've only been back from my last visit 3 weeks. Thank you Davyboy.
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    Sidari Bus

    Hi Dave - the bus goes from Sidari to San Stefanos but not as far as Arillas and I think the Sidari to Kassiopi bus is via Acharavi. Enjoy your travels - the buses are great, bang on time and very cheap.
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    Email Or Phone Number Please

    They are straight forward and the same side as the Three Pigs, just past a few shops and small supermarket. Never stayed there but called in to wait for a transfer once - the place and the staff were lovely.
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    What Holiday Company Did You First Go With?

    I think we first went with Airtours - flew to Corfu on a Sunday in 1991. By chance we had booked Joy Life apartments in Sidari as a "one off holiday" with family and stayed every year for 6 years with loads of wonderful memories of fun times there.
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    Greek Music Any Recommendations?

    Thank you Sedgi and Davyboy - I've had the Antique CD 'Me Logia Ellinika' with the Three Pigs song on for years now and it was great to see the YouTube clip with English words given - my limited Greek is not up to translating it.
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    New And Need Some Tips

    I agree with the suggestion to wait until May. My family and I wentthe first week in May last year which was still mixed weather but at least we were on the beach for 3 days. You may get cheap flights earlier but you end up spending more to keep the children occupied. I hadn't seen the fireflies...
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    Olympic Flight Changes

    Yes sadly, my daughter and family were to have gone from Manchester early morning with Small Planet but now are going 5.20 pm with EasyJet so losing an evening out of just one weeks holiday. It's very disappointing.
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    Terezas Apartments

    You can't fail to enjoy a holiday at Terezas - good, clean apartments. It's only a few minutes walk in to the main strip or to Canal D'Amour. Their food is excellent, although I usually only eat thereat breakfast, recently I've stayedat the end of the season,and found the evening meals to be...
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    Sidari For Singles

    HI Steve - I had to make the same decision myself some years ago after my husband became ill and couldn't go abroad. Fortunately I had been going to Sidari for many years and latterly San Stefanos also and although the first time alone was daunting now I love my 'solo' holidays. I love walking...
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    Enjoy The Snow!

    You have my vote - loving the snow (although still miss smashing the lights!)<div></div><div> Thank you Agni! </div><div></div>
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    Olympic Holiday's Use A New Carrier

    I travelled withTravel Servicein October when Olympic suddenly changed airlines at the last minute. No complaints at all - both flights were on time andthe crew were friendlyalthougha little slow as they were not used to our currency. I'd be happy to go with them again.
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    Favorite Place Sidari

    Terezas for me also. Davy has said it all - stayed twice this year and love the location, family run apartments with great food and a lively atmosphere in the evening for those who want it.
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    Booking For 2013

    I've enjoyed staying at both Little Prince and Terezas. As Sedgi says the apartments at Little Prince are super with a good secluded pool on the first floor.Dimitri, Pipina and Mike make everyone feel so welcome in the taverna you can't fail to enjoy it. I also loved staying at Terezas - lovely...

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