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    Planning A 2017 Trip

    We always go every year in mid May, 20th this year & over the last 32 years of going had a mixture of weather but usually more good than not so good. The only time we've differed from May was last year when we went 20th June & it was far too hot enjoy your holiday x
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    Holiday Countdown 2017

    140 days for us,our 32nd year on Corfu x
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    Maria Club Hotel Nr Angelinas In Canal D'Amour

    Thanks Ellie, we are going with jet2 but they only give a brief description of where these apartments are, wish Orchard still did those maps they were so useful, thanks again Pat x
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    Maria Club Hotel Nr Angelinas In Canal D'Amour

    Please can any one help we have booked these apartments for May 2017, we've been going to Corfu for 31 years but all that comes up when I google these apartments are Maria's on the Beach, there not the ones we are going in as I know where they are but not the Maria Club Hotel.<div>Many thanks...
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    Countdown To Sidari 2016

    63 days & counting, won't see you this time Moyra,b think you'll be on your way home when we arrive. Have a great time xx
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    Anyone Ready For Sidari?

    Thanks Elliemay & Stuart for info, pleased to know Elliemay things are OK over there. Stuart pleased they have safety deposits, only 2 more weeks now, how about you?x
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    Anyone Ready For Sidari?

    Just a query, as you know from my posting will be at Paradise apartments 1st to 15th June, with all the hype in the press re the economy in Greece I was wondering how everyone else going is dealing with the currency. We thought of taking Euros, Stirling & some on our Thomas Cook cash card, will...
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    Anyone Ready For Sidari?

    We were Moyra but they didn't have walk in showers in the downstairs rooms & could not guarantee me a disabled room where as Paradise can, got that in writing from Paradise, see you there hopefully. xx
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    Anyone Ready For Sidari?

    See you there Moyra, hope we can meet up for a meal, enjoyed last years so much with you & Dennis xx
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    Anyone Ready For Sidari?

    Thanks Stuart, your on but mine will be orange juice as can't drink for medical reasons but would be pleased to buy you a large Mythos.
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    Anyone Ready For Sidari?

    Yes Paradise apartments 1st June to 15th, this will be our 31st year to Corfu x
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    Map Of Sidari

    A few years back I printed off a map with all the hotels, apartments in Sidari on it, I think it was Orchard restaurant who produced it. I seem to have mislaid my copy, anyone have a link please. We are going to Sidari in June, our 31st year & staying at Yiannis apartments (not the village) does...
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    Just Wondering

    Thanks Moyra, yes that's the one. Hoping for late May early June definitely avoiding the school holidays after the fiasco at Corfu airport coming home, hope to see you there. xx
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    Just Wondering

    Talking of where apartments are, cannot for the life of me remember the name of the hotel near Three Pigs, if you stand with your back to Three Pigs the road down to Sunny Corfu, Chrystakis etc. theres the Family restaurant on the left, what is the name of the hotel next or near the Family, it...
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    Just Wondering

    Forgot to say, after the smelly bridge next apartments on left are Angelinas, book independently or with Jet2. We stayed here in May & can recommend them x

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