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Recent content by frost242

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    Helium Balloons

    Yes, I'm there but the group is closed and you need to wait for confirmation to joined the group. I sent the request, still.<div>I will bring my own balloons, so I just need to inflate them.</div>
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    Helium Balloons

    Oh, thank you! We will arrive on Wednesday, the 7thand the birthday is on the 8th of August. If you will have some information, it would be of a great help!<div></div>
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    Helium Balloons

    Thank you! I will look for flowers shop.<div></div>Unfortunately the hotel's administration could not help me saying that there is only one shop with helium in Corfu town. I suppose it is not true.<div></div>
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    Helium Balloons

    Hi, does anybody know were I can inflate the party balloons with the helium in Liapades area? My daughter turns 5 and I would like to decarate our room with the balloons etc. We will be staying in the Elly beach hotel and if there are places with the helium tanks nearby it would be perfect...

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