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Recent content by flynnmo

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    Old Forum Member

    Hi Dave, will meet up one of these days. We were meant to meet up at The Shipwreck a few years ago but Kath had got the day wrong. Kath and Alf are back in England now and won't be able to return to Corfu. They both had serious health problems and have had a rough 2/3 years, but are a lot better...
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    Old Forum Member

    Hi all, was flynnmo on the old Agni forum. Any other old members hanging around?
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    Corfu villas with pools

    Villa Linakis in Arilas is beautiful. Secluded, detached. beautiful gardens, private pool. Stunning place. Sleeps 6 + a baby, if required. Built in bbq, outside private bar. Good luck.
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    There are Louisa apartments in Canal D'Amour, about 10/15 minutes walk from the centre. I do have a map of the area but don't know how to post it on here. Moyra<div> </div>
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    Sidari 2017

    Three Pigs is still there and San Remo (2 storey now). Olympic has been gone a few years. I don't remember Phoenix - where was it? Or do you mean Venus Bar? If so, it's still there. Billy and Theo's is gone - it's now Scooby's Bar. Moyra<div> </div><div> </div>
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    Maria Club Hotel Nr Angelinas In Canal D'Amour

    Hi Pat, I'll send you Debbie's (Orchard) map once I get to my laptop. x<div> </div>
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    Hire Car

    Highly recommend Value Plus. We have a car from them at the moment and have done every holiday for many years. Good cars, reasonable prices and excellent service. Good luck.<div> </div>
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    Planning A Trip - 2018

    Have a look at this year's prices. It will at least give you a rough idea, although who knows what they'll be in 2 years - possibly post Brexit? Only time will tell. Good luck.<div> </div>
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    Airport Taxis

    I don't think there will be a problem with taxis at the airport, they will know what flights are coming in. However you could try Value Plus - corfucarrentals.com or corfuairporttransfers.com Good luck<div> </div><div> </div>
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    Airport Problems

    Actually, the queues outside are NOT for people on package holidays. The queues are for the people on that flight, whether booked independantly or not. If you think the airport is bad now, you should have seen it BEFORE the reps started to organise the departures. It was total chaos! Thousands...
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    Water Parks

    Hydropolis is just outside Acharavi and is fairly big, although not as big as Aqualand. Sidari Waterpark is quite small and I would say more suitable for younger kids. Google it and you'll see the photo's. My friend's grandson (10) loved it. I believe you can buy a daily or weekly pass and it's...
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    Quad/Bike/Buggy Hire

    Sorry, I agree with Elliemay. Much safer with a car. We actually witnessed an accident with a quad bike when the one in front of us caught loose gravel at the edge of the road. The quad tipped forward and threw the driver about 10 feet in the air. How he wasn't killed I do not know! Whatever you...
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    Countdown To Sidari 2016

    For me, Alecko's oppos. the church for gyros. You're right about Venezia, love it. Also at that end, up behind the garage on the Magoulades road, there's Bavias - traditional home cooked food, open all year round and frequented by the locals. Salt n Pepper also there - haven't actually used this...
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    Countdown To Sidari 2016

    13 Days!!
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    Car Hire

    Value Plus. We've used them for years. Good cars, reasonable prices and excellent service. No obligation quote available from their website. You can also pay on arrival. Good luck.<div> <div> </div><div> </div></div>

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