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Recent content by flober

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    Countdown To Sidari 2016

    26 days now ... its getting there. Gyros got to be that one at the church. Orchard will be getting a few visits as well.<div>See yous there</div>
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    Countdown To Sidari 2016

    13th June. 0ne week Marias :)
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    June 13th 2016

    Hellooooo every one, I have returned :)<div>Been 7 years since last visit but I am drawn back to the Greek island again :) Just a few questions, I am stopping at Marias (Shooters) June 13th for a week, just wondering is Orchids still open? and hello to the old crowd still on...
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    Sidari In September

    Good morning peoples. Been a while since was last here was just looking at Sidari in September 20th for a week for my big 50 lol .. just wanting to know whats still there and open then .. hoping for Canal area so any ideas shout out please :)<div>flloyd</div>

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