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  1. ExploreTheWorld

    Villas in Argaka

    Hi, I'm planning a trip to Cyprus with 5-6 friends and we'd like to stay in a villa where we can really relax and have some rest. So I'd prefer something away from noise and with a nice garden to spend the days there. Any recommendations?
  2. ExploreTheWorld

    Luxury Latchi Villas

    Check villa Mandora, it's at a good location. Almost everything is on 5-10mins drive. The harbour, the beach, taverna, shops.. everything you'd need! The kitchen is equipped with everything you could ask for and the living room has even satellite TV and DVD player, so you can have your own 'home...
  3. ExploreTheWorld

    Latchi restaurants

    With a group of friends, among which some had children, we've been to he Old Town Restaurant in Polis. It was perfect! I'd rate this as one of the best restaurants there. They have authentic dishes and some delicious meze. The kids couldn't stop eating that and we were surprised haha so try it...
  4. ExploreTheWorld

    Places to visit on the Akamas Peninsula

    Yup, you should go to the Baths of Aphrodite and on the road to the baths, there's also the Aphrodite Beach. There's another one I'd recommend. It's one unspoiled beach - Lara Beach. It's clean and peaceful, so if you need a rest in quietness, then you should visit it. And if you like historic...
  5. ExploreTheWorld

    Corfu travel

    I'd also say some time before all of the people start going there for their summer holidays and it gets overcrowded. Maybe May or June, but I don't think it's suitable for beach days because of the weather. If you're lucky, maybe you can have some warm and sunny days.
  6. ExploreTheWorld

    Things to do in Crete

    Thank you! :) Still thinking where exactly to go in Crete.
  7. ExploreTheWorld

    Lefkada Hotels

    Can some share some info on hotels in Lefkada? Which ones have you stayed in and what are your impressions? I'm thinking about a 5-6 days trip to Lefkada and I'm not sure what's the best option for accommodation.
  8. ExploreTheWorld

    Latchi beaches

    Hello, can some share what are the beaches in and near Latchi like? And photos would be helpful if you have some, thank you :)
  9. ExploreTheWorld

    Skopelos beaches

    The beaches are stunning! The water is bright and beautiful in a color mix between green and blue. When I was last, I tried everything! Kayaking, snorkelling and visited also some more hidden beaches. They are worth visiting for sure.
  10. ExploreTheWorld

    Villas Kefalonia

    How many people are going? I spent two weeks this summer in Russa Dionisis with my friend. The beaches are so close to the villa, but on the days we were lazy to even get out, we've been the whole day in the pool. There's a large swimming pool in front of the house. The villa is great! It's so...
  11. ExploreTheWorld

    Latchi restaurants

    I'm going to Latchi next weekend. :love: Please share some reviews of the restaurants there. Where can I try the best traditional recipes?
  12. ExploreTheWorld

    Restaurants in Argaka

    I've spent every other night of my Argaka vacation in Half Way House Restaurant. It has a nice terrace where you can dine. The owner is a lovely lady and she's always smiling, she's very friendly. I don't know about the other places, to be honest, I was too lazy to walk around and look for...
  13. ExploreTheWorld

    Villas in Crete

    Check out Villa Simela. It offers privacy, so no one will bother you during your stay there. There's an outdoor pool for swimming and the villa has everything you might need. I spent a weekend there with my boyfriend and another couple and I wished I could stay more, but had to get back to work...
  14. ExploreTheWorld

    Villas in Skopelos

    Michaels Cottage is a nice villa in Stafilos on Skopelos Island. It's cute and it has lovely terrace. It's settled among a lot greenery. They'll enjoy and relax here for sure.
  15. ExploreTheWorld

    Things to do in Crete

    Who has been to Crete recently? What are the best things to do there, what should I visit and explore according to you?

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