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Recent content by Ellenjay

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    Snake Festival In Markopoulo

    Thank you for your post Trixie75<div>I would love to visit the snake festival but must wait until September for my Kefalonia visit.</div><div>I might look at Markopoulo church though.</div>
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    Has Lofos changed owners, or perhaps had a make over? It used to be with Olympic only but the B & B is with Thomas Cook.
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    Happy New Year To You All

    Kefalonia 13th May to 27th May.<div> </div><div>Acharavi 23rd September, 2 weeks, a few day trips to Kassiopi of course.</div><div> </div><div>Looking forward to some warmth in this cold weather</div>
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    Who's Got The Most Snow?

    Here in Northumberland a mile inland from the sea we have only a scattering of snow but it is bitterly cold and very icy.
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    Winter Weather In UK

    We on the North-East coast have been having sleet, snow flurries and a freezing wind.<div> </div><div>So I have put my Christmas Angel Avatar up to cheer myself up</div>
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    Holiday Countdown 2017

    9 days to wait for us.<div>Hoping to get to the Arillas beer event.</div>
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    Corfu Food Guide - The Times

    Is Yialos at the main road end of Karousades?
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    Buggy\Quad Bike In Corfu

    My local newspaper reported yesterday that a woman injured in a quad bike accident is stuck in Ioannina hospital because her insurance company excluded quad hiring from her travel insurance, so watch that one too.<div>I would go for a small car myself every time.</div>
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    Holiday Countdown 2017

    18 days!<div> </div><div>Just been outside knocking slush off various plants, temperature 0.8 degrees.</div>
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    The Durrells

    They seem to have removed it
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    Holiday Countdown 2017

    Congratulations from me too.<div>J and I tied the knot after 30 years together.</div><div> </div><div>83 days till Kefalonia.</div>
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    Acharavi To Kassiopi

    And you cannot go anywhere by bus from St Spyridon, it is a long hot walk from the main road.<div>Mare Blue might have a courtesy bus, someone else may know.</div><div> </div><div>We stayed in Acharavi for the first time last September after many holidays in Kassiopi. I loved it and hope to go...
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    Acharavi To Kassiopi

    There are some good walks from Acharavi.<div> </div><div>By the sea you can walk to Roda in one direction and Almyros the other way.</div><div> </div><div>There are also walks up into the hills, lovely wild flowers in May.</div><div> </div><div>The bus to Kassiopi is seasonal as Elliemay said...
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    The Durrells

    I have just finished watching the "Spirit of Place" on Joefish's link.<div>Enjoyed it very much, thankyou for the post and link.</div>
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    Holiday Countdown 2017

    122 days until we go back to Kefalonia.<div> </div><div>Probably Acharavi in late September, not booked yet.</div>

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