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    Anybody been this year?

    Thank you Seaurchinbill. We have a short break booked later this month and, like Metaxaman, are crossing our fingers it goes ahead. Deedee
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    Corfu Countdown 2020 .....

    Fingers crossed for you Silks. We're hoping to make a flying visit in September. Deedee :cool:
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    We should be enjoying the latter half of a two week stay in Kassiopi right now but we're not. We should be introducing the friends who were coming with us, who would have been first time visitors, to the delights of the island. We are missing our Corfu friends, the scenery and the food. My...
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    Hi again You could try www.corfuairporttranser.com or www.luxcorfuairportransfer.com. I have not used either and have no information re their prices. There are several more international companies offering similar services. A google search should find them. Deedee
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    Holidays, Covid-19 etc.

    Our holiday got cancelled yesterday. :cry: So, no long lazy lunches or delicious dinners at our favourite haunts, at least not this May. Maybe not this year although we're hoping it will be possible in September/October.
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    Is to do with whether one is logged in or not?
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    Hi Caram64 We haven't stayed in Kalami since 2012 but we visit ever time we're on the island. if you're booking with a tour operator they usually offer a taxi transfer instead of coach for an additional cost. If you're booking direct your accommodation can usually arrange airport transfers...
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    Holidays, Covid-19 etc.

    I think there are probably 2 reasons that no-one had posted about Coronavirus. Reason 1 being it was nice to visit a website without a mention of it. Reason 2 being that the main tourist season has not yet started and many of us, me included, are hoping that as our holidays are booked for May or...
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    Hello strangers!

    No problem Natalie. Life is busy and I don't get on here as often as I used to. Unfortunately we leave the day you arrive so we'll miss you. There have been some changes to Kalami since you were last there. Enjoy your night in Corfu town - I think that will be lovely. Deedee
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    Kassiopi Holiday

    We returned on Friday from two weeks in Kassiopi. We stayed at Memento Resort on a half board basis which was a new experience for us. We still ate out some evenings indulging in the good food and wine at Melina Bay and Sousouro. We also enjoyed some delicious, leisurely lunches at Limani and...
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    Problems with rubbish

    We returned on Friday from two weeks in Kassiopi. We were pleased and thankful to see much less rubbish around than last year. Also noticed a new recycling station outside Travel Korner. Deedee :giggle:
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    Hello strangers!

    Hello Natalie We returned on Friday from two weeks on Corfu. We stayed in Kassiopi but visited Kalami a few times. We were in Kalami on Wednesday evening and I found myself thinking of you and Andy, wondering how long you'd been married now. Then I log on here and here you are...
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    Kalami In October

    You must be remembering me telling you about it as we didn't meet until 2004. We've stayed in Kassiopi since 2013 but still visit Kalami. Deedee :D
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    Kalami In October

    Our first visit to Corfu was in October 2001. The weather was glorious for the whole two weeks. It might have rained a couple of times but I don't remember that. I remember it being warm enough not to need a jacket in the evenings. We arrived in daylight and had a gorgeous view of Kalami...
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    We need to add a Spain section!

    We have recently returned from a two week cruise around the Balearics, Spain & Portugal that we thoroughly enjoyed. I'd be happy to see forums for those areas. Deedee :)

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