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Recent content by Catha45

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    Just A Thought

    "If you fall out of that tree and break both your legs, don't come running to me"!
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    Ipsos In September

    Hi Baz Bar wise Tiffanys is a favourite haunt of mine, Neil & Wendy make everyone welcome and if you want a breakfast Marsha is your woman! There are quite a few nice restaurants along the front - Stathis & Moby Dick are my preference but there are many others (Phevos & Als on the front &...
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    Easy Jet From Newcastle

    Early booking and travelling early or late season and you can bag the best bargains. I went Ryanair from Manchester on 3rd May which cost me£90.54 including luggage and selected seat and back with Thomson on 8th May which cost £68.65 also including luggage and selected seat - bargain you just...
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    Nautilus All Inclusive Ipsos

    I think you will find this accommodation is in the Barbati area, can't say that I know it but am in Ipsos next week so will ask if anyone knows any info.
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    Location Of Accommodation

    Thanks for all your replies, I have bit the bullet and gone for the Yannis as they are open the dates I can make - will have to get in training to tackle that hill though <div>Just hope Hideaway bar is open then I can cut through there and take some light refreshment on the way back up...
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    Location Of Accommodation

    Thanks but they don't have availability for the dates I want, will have to keep looking and stop dithering and make a booking
  7. C

    Location Of Accommodation

    Thanks Davyboy, tried that and they look to be opposite the football pitch in the village, although when I looked at another place highlighted on the map it was nowhere near where it actually is <div></div><div>Tried googlemaps street view but that only goes along the main road past Alsnot off...
  8. C

    Location Of Accommodation

    Thanks for your replies, you are not wrong about inaccuracies as I do know some of the Ipsos area and the map is way off with some properties! Booking. com states this property as being Agios Markos which I though was up the hill and to the left?!?<div></div><div>I know where Als is and the...
  9. C

    Location Of Accommodation

    <div>Any info on the location of 'Ipsos Holidays' from Booking. com website as it says 500m from Ipsos beach but I am not sure whereabouts they are located and as I will be travelling alone don't want to be wandering up and down country lanes in the dark or up steep hills either as I am getting...
  10. C


    Hi Davyboy<div>Was that Hideaway - along the passageway between some buildings and up a few steps? It could also be approached from the other side on the hill down from the Yannis Apartments? The only other one I can think of was The Victoria which was nearer the turning for Pyrgi that I think...
  11. C


    Dirty Nellys is the Irish Bar on the front, only ever had drinks in there but it may be because we always went May and late September so may only do food in high season.<div></div>Tiffanys does a full menu of breakfasts, snacks etc., they are on the strip roughly halfway along, there are a...
  12. C

    Long Shot

    Sorry for your loss Pam Ella, take care. Cath
  13. C

    Sidari Accommodation

    Have a look at Travel Republic, they usually have a good mix of accommodation available. <div></div><div> </div><div></div>
  14. C

    Dirty Nellys

    Sounds like Planet Ipsos has gone then, maybe because most people have tablets/smartphones and just use them anywhere they can access WiFi. I know I used to pop in to log in and check e-mail etc. and had a drink whilst there. At the weekend there were usually a few teenagers in there playing on...
  15. C

    Dirty Nellys

    Sounds like Planet Ipsos or Papagalos then, always thought Planet Ipsos was popular with the local teenagers at the weekend!<div></div><div></div>

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