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Recent content by cairocuz1

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    Looking to stay at Valentinos in July 2017. Looking for any information about the place i.e. Location, quality of apartments, air con, safety deposit boxes. Is it suitable for a couple in there early fifties? Thanks for any help.
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    Mayflower Apartments

    Looking to book the Mayflower for 2017 but can't find any English tour operators that go here. Can anybody help us? Thanks
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    Recommendations Please

    Can anybody give us any recommendations of anywhere to stay?
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    Famous Phrases/Sayings

    Cheap as chips!
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    Mandelina Restaurant/Apartment

    We have eaten at the Mandelina many times and hosts Nikos and Alex always looked after us with some great meals. We noticed there are apartments attached to the back of them but can't remember their name, can anybody help us out, name of apartments, email, phone number? Thanks for any help.
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    Is It Time For Shutdown

    Hi Sooz, have a look at Kos in particular Kefalos, a great chilled out place!
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    Kos 2015

    Sorry Corfu time for a change. Its Kefalos in 2015 for us. As anybody been, if so what's your views? We will return to Corfu!
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    Three Word Story

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    Where To Stay 2015?

    Thanks for all the suggestions much food for thought keep them coming yammas #mythos!
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    Where To Stay 2015?

    2 adults 51 years old, peaceful with good beaches and good tavernas.
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    Where To Stay 2015?

    Looking for a change in 2015. Stayed in Moriatika 4 times and Benitses once enjoyed both places, anybody got any suggestions for us? Thanks for any help.
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    Is It Time For Shutdown

    Hi Sedgi we also have been to Rhodes and stayed in Pefkos and went to Zante and stayed in Tislivi!!! Great minds think alike! Not sure about next summer yet, might try somewhere different in Corfu. I think Moriatika will be empty now, 7 months without tourists is a long time.
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    Is It Time For Shutdown

    Does it matter? Nice to see people posting. It's been very quiet on here this year
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    Is It Time For Shutdown

    Is it all over in Moraitika for the season now? We had some great times there, but I think we are ready for a change, any suggestions, maybe a different Greek Island? Any tips?
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    The Weather?

    Would love to know what's the weathers like now?

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