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Recent content by Big Alan

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    Email Address For Petrino's?

    <div>In the search engine on FB (top left hand corner)write petrino & the whole name will appear. Click on it & just write away.</div><div>Big Al.</div>
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    Email Address For Petrino's?

    <div>You can book it through the "Corfu Forum" on facebook.</div><div>Big Al</div>
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    <div> Elliemay thankyou. I will just put it on here. Going to look a bit weird reading down now.</div><div>Big Al</div>
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    <div> Hi there Gboromag (or Neil). Both retired now. Still go to Kass twice a year. June 18 - July 9 & Sept 10 - 28. So how are you fairing.</div><div>Big Al</div>
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    <div>Had a senior moment me thinks. Got mixed up. Very sorry for the mix up.</div><div>Big Al</div><div></div>
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    Don took over Porto three years ago & is now called Levanda. Gone are the everything with chips. It's now a more traditional Greek taverna.
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    Harbour Bar Webcam

    <div>Just been saying that to the wife. Very gloomy. </div><div>Big Al</div>
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    Happy New Year To You All

    <div>Twice for us again. 18th June - 9th July & 10th - 28th September.</div><div>Big Al</div>
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    Panayota Apartments

    Head out of the village towards Jannis restaurant. About 50 yards past the supermarket is a small road on the right. Down the track about 100 yards on the right is the Panayota. Opposite the Nelly and Theopholos. Big Al
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    Kassiopi Wine Festival

    <div>The wine festival has been cancelled until next Saturday 16th September because of bad weather.</div><div>Big Al</div>
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    Paxos/Anti Paxos

    <div>If it's for a day you can book at Cosmic. It's a long day. You get picked up in Kassiopi & travel to the port in town to get the boat.</div><div>Big Al</div><div></div>
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    Kassiopi Wine Festival

    <div>Just found out this years wine festival is on September 9th.</div><div>Big Al</div>
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    Kassiopi Wine Festival

    <div>Yes, but I don't know what date it is this year. We go back on 11th - 25th Sept & I know it's in those dates.</div><div>Big Al</div>
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    Almost On Our Way

    <div>19th June for us so not long now. Staying for three weeks.</div><div>Big Al</div>
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    <div>Am I pleased I ordered my euro's on Wednesday. Got 1-12:50. On BBC text now it's 1.08:72.</div><div>Big Al</div><div></div>

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