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Recent content by Barrie

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    Not Long Now

    What's on in Acharavi in September?
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    Not Long Now

    Heading to Acharavi in September later than usual for us - just wondering if there are any changes or anything new in Acharavi?
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    Acharavi Stay

    Returned from Acharavi middle of July, during our last couple of days a new taverna/salsa type bar opened near to the Lemon Garden. Is it still up and running ? We called in a couple of nights, had a lovely atmosphere.
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    Airport Problems

    They are regulars to Corfu. There had been delays and diversions due to bad weather and the departure lounge was packed to capacity so for safety reasons they were not allowed in and proceeded straight through onto the flight when the gates opened. Pleased to hear that the pending strikes have...
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    Airport Problems

    Friends just got back from Kassiopi apparently the airport was in chaos they couldn't get into the departure lounge went straight through passport control onto the plane. Rumour has it that the Greek airport workers are working to rule from next Friday onwards has anyone heard of this? Reason...
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    Not Long Now

    Can I ask are the mossies out in force yet??
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    Not Long Now

    End of June hurry up be in Acharavi 😎👍
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    Anything New For 2016?

    Any further updates on Acharavi? Anything new opening or happening. We arrive 27th June.
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    Corifo Village

    Has anyone been to the Corifo Village this year?My family will be going end of June.
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    Not Long Now

    Nice surprise my son just told me himself wife and my 3 grandchildren will be joining me and the wife in Acharavi end of June for 2 weeks. Cannot come quick enough. 😎☀️💝
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    Mosquito Remedy???

    Son and his girlfriend in Acharavi right now, they've both been using the Lifesystems stuff and have not as yet had a bite.
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    Mosquitoes. How We Love Them

    See post on the Sidari forum regarding Mossi repellent.
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    Not Long Now

    Yes we did, different!!
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    Not Long Now

    Been back since early July but son flies out next Monday, what's the mossie situation like at the moment plus any changes in Acharavi? Thanks.
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    Mosquito Remedy???

    Wife is usually the same has allergic reactions to mossie bites but found some equally brill stuff on Internet called Lifesystems Expedition Plus (spray and cream) only got one small bite on back of shoulder over two week period, never been known!

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