Paxos Flights

Paxos Flights

Corfu Airport

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Paxos does not have an airport so most visitors fly to the nearby island of Corfu and then transfer by hydrofoil or sea taxi. It is an exciting start to your holiday! Charter flights to Corfu operate, from most major European airports, from May to October. There are also daily domestic flights from Athens to Corfu.

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Flights to Paxos

Usual Flight Days
The majority of flights are usually available on the following days of the week: Monday and Friday. However, Agni Travel offers any day arrival/departure to most of its Paxos properties.

With the introduction of Easyjet, Tuesday and Saturday are getting more popular by the year.


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Kapodistrias Airport,Corfu
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Flights to Corfu

For more details of flights to Corfu, visit: Corfu Flights

Flight Times

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To allow for same day transfers to Paxos, we recommend flights that arrive at Corfu not later than 13.00hrs. This avoids an overnight stay on Corfu, although if necessary, onward transfers can be arranged the following morning. Sea taxis, often into the early evening are also possible but are expensive and uneconomic for small party sizes.

Corfu Town Hotels

Corfu Town Hotels, Paxos Flights, Flights, Agni Travel

If your flight to Corfu is late at night, you may decide to book a hotel and take your onward journey the next morning. (An evening in Corfu is particularly magical and there are some top-class restaurants to choose from.) There are many hotels: either close to the airport/port or within the old part of Corfu town. We list a few of them with contact details so you can book direct: Corfu Hotels

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Arriving at Corfu Airport

Arriving at Corfu Airport, Paxos Flights, Flights, Agni Travel

If you book your transfer to Paxos through Agni Travel we
will meet you at the airport with your hydrofoil tickets and a taxi to take you to the port.
Alternatively a taxi rank can be found to the left of the exit of Corfu Airport and this will take you to either the new or old port, depending on your choice of transfer. The journey takes around 10 minutes.

Agni Travel Transfers

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Agni Travel clients who pre-book transfers are greeted at Corfu airport with a waiting taxi, to transfer you to the port. Transfer to Paxos via hydrofoil or sea taxi - depending on pre-booked choice. Our Paxos representative will await your arrival in Gaios, Paxos, for either a taxi transfer to your accommodation or provide you with a pre-booked hire car.

(If you have chosen for Agni Travel to book the Hydrofoil to Paxos, then your tickets will be either given to you at the airport by our representative or by your driver.)

Ferry to Paxos

Ferry to Paxos, Paxos Flights, Flights, Agni Travel

There is also a ferry for foot passengers and vehicles between Corfu and Paxos and is operated by Kerkyra Lines. It leaves from the New Port of Corfu calling into Igoumentisa before reaching the island of Paxos approximately 3 hours 30 mins later.

Sea Taxi to Paxos

Sea Taxi to Paxos, Paxos Flights, Flights, Agni Travel

The sea taxi is around 280 Euro each way to charter privately, which can seat up to 12 people and if shared with others, can work out cheaper for a smaller group.

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