Kalymnos Flights

Kalymnos Flights

  • Kalymnos Flights, Flights, Agni Travel
  • Kalymnos Flights, Flights, Agni Travel
  • Kalymnos Flights, Flights, Agni Travel


Flights, Kalymnos Flights, Flights, Agni Travel
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Flights to Kos (recommended)

Flights connect with Kalymnos with a 20min fast ferry from Mastichari Port(Kos). Agni Travel can arrange a full transfer service to your Kalymnos accommodation and back again.

Usual Flight Days
The majority of flights are usually available on the following days of the week: Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday. However, Agni Travel offers any day arrival/departure to most of its Kalymnos properties.

With the introduction of Easyjet and Ryan Air, other days are getting more popular by the year.

Kos Airport Location

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Hippocrates Airport,Kos
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Kalymnos Airport Location

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National Airport,Kalymnos
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Free Flight Finding Service

Free Flight Finding Service, Kalymnos Flights, Flights, Agni Travel

Clients of Agni Travel, who are booking accommodation, may use our flight finding service. Although we do not actually book flights, we can find the best options and deals for you. Contact: sales@agni-travel.com

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How To Get To Kalymnos

How To Get To Kalymnos, Kalymnos Flights, Flights, Agni Travel

The island of Kalymnos is served by the Dodecanese Hydrofoil Company with itineraries to other closeby islands. During high season, a daily service is operating for Kos (35 minutes), Leros (50 minutes), Lispsi (75 minutes), Patmos (1,5 hour), Simi (2 hours) and Rhodes (3 hours).

Domestic Flights To Kalymnos

Domestic Flights To Kalymnos, Kalymnos Flights, Flights, Agni Travel

You could also consider finding flights via Athens. This is sometimes the only option if you wish to visit Kalymnos before the start of the summer season.
There is only one airline that fly from Athens to Kalymnos.
Olympic Airlines
El. Venizelos Athens Airport is a very well organized international airport, which can make the time spent between flights an enjoyable and interesting one. (The code for Athens airport is ATH)

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