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About Us

Ideal Holiday Homes

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The team at Agni is passionate about travel and we are dedicated to ensuring you share the same enthusiasm about our holiday villas as we do. In order to do that we have built a special relationship with the owners of all our holiday homes and make regular visits to ensure that the high-standards of quality and comfort are maintained.

Ideal Holiday Homes, About Us, Enquiries, Agni Travel

We are a successful family run business and treat our staff, property owners and clients as part of our extended family. Our goal is to ensure that you find your ideal holiday accommodation and that your stay is a pleasurable one. Our office has a friendly and relaxing environment and we hope our enthusiasm spills over into your holiday experience.

Unique Holiday Rentals

The villas and holiday rentals advertised on our site have been specifically selected for their quality, comfort and location. The close relationship we share with the owners means that Agni Travel have exclusive rights to all our properties so you can be assured that the high-standards we strive for are not tampered by other agents.

Unique Holiday Rentals, About Us, Enquiries, Agni Travel

The unique relationship we share with our property owners also enables us to have an intimate knowledge of the area and keep our website up-to-date with the latest developments so you know exactly what you can expect from your holiday accommodation.

We have taken the drudgery and uncertainty out of renting holiday accommodation. On our website you will find the most complete and accurate information possible as well as many photos. All photos have been taken by the Agni Team. However if you need additional information or would like some advice, our team, who have in-depth knowledge of every property, will be happy to assist you. We are only one call or click away.

Agni Animal Welfare Fund

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Agni Animal Welfare Fund

Agni Animal Welfare Fund is an animal trust fund sponsored by Agni Travel, working to improve the life of the animals in Greece. Agni Travel clients can make donations through our website or during their stay in order to help Greece's stray and needy animals.

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Agni Travel on the BBC

Our exceptional service was acknowledged by Simon Calder on the BBC's hit travel programme 'Departure Lounge' when the Cole family were booked into Spiti Antigoni in beautiful Agni Bay. They also showed highlights of Corfu and Paxos.

Agni Travel on the BBC, About Us, Enquiries, Agni Travel

(Photo: View from Spiti Antigoni in Agni Bay. This delightful rental property is one of the very few with access to a jetty in front of the property.)

Information of Holiday Rentals

All the information and photographs detailing our holiday homes has been gathered by the dedicated team at Agni Travel and our friendly and knowledgeable sales team love to talk about their travel experiences.

Information of Holiday Rentals, About Us, Enquiries, Agni Travel

If you want to know more about any of the holiday rentals you see advertised on our website feel free to contact us or call on (0044) 0207 1836468 and ask for advice.


As members of ABTA, we are committed to offering a high level of service so you can book your holiday knowing that it will be successful.

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