March 2010 wk4

March 2010 wk4


In Athens, a taxi driver collected a visiting journalist at the airport, drove him to a suburb and charged him an exorbitant fare. And, when the journalist asked for a receipt, the driver only grudgingly complied. It was reported in the Athens News.
Tourism is being touted as the main vehicle to bring Greece out of the recession. A shame that the first impression that many tourists meet is a taxi driver who over charges! Efforts are being made though to change this; met by the taxi drivers striking last week!

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The week before Easter is the so called Megali Evdomada, or 'Great Week', and there are many Greek Orthodox celebrations. Easter is the most important holiday of the year beating Christmas with the amount of feasting and number of bank holidays. This year Good Friday will be on the 2nd of April and Easter Sunday is 4th of April.

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As part of the religious celebrations on Kefalonia, on Holy Saturday there is a procession from St Spiridon's church to the square where, after some prayers, at midnight there is an official firework display on the roof of the town hall. The unofficial fireworks are set off by many youngsters in the crowds that gather. Due to an over-zealous attack of fireworks in recent years, the local Papas has been known to reorganise the procession, informing only his dedicated congregation so that he could avoid the onslaught of unwelcome fire-crackers. The crafty priest managed to maintain his dignity as well as the religious meaning of the celebration by finishing an hour early one year.

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Saint Savas Day

On the 21st of March and every year the Island of Kalymnos celebrates Saint Savas Day.
Saint Savas was a monk that lived in Kalymnos at the beginning of the 20th Century and has recently become a Saint.
During those days, people flock from all over the world to attend the celebrations for the memory of the new but apparently beloved Christian.
Perched at the top of the hill on the left as you enter the Island's port, Saint Savas seems to watch over the Kalymnians, day and night.

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