March 2010 wk3

March 2010 wk3

March 2010 week 3

March 2010 week 3, March 2010 wk3, Newsletters, Agni Travel

It has been rumoured that the Germans are buying the Greek islands. Of course we do not have a problem with that, but what we do not want is their pot holes! The BBC reports that in Germany local mayors are 'Selling' pot holes as advertising space - basically, you sponsor a pot hole (and have it filled in) and you get your name 'embossed' on top of the repair!

March 2010 week 3, March 2010 wk3, Newsletters, Agni Travel

Since reading this BBC report, I have been taking closer-than-usual notice of the pot holes on Greek roads! My daily 'school run' from Agni to Kassiopi involves a 10min drive along typical Greek twisty roads. What is the road like? No worse than the typical UK road! There is a slight bump between Spiro's olive grove and the wood working shop, then another rough patch as you enter the bend just before Kassiopi (only due to recent road works) plus a small pot hole just outside of Kassiopi (as you take the right-hand fork into the village). Otherwise, the road is perfect and this suits my car particularly well!

March 2010 week 3, March 2010 wk3, Newsletters, Agni Travel

Don't worry, it is your holiday and a small pot hole is not going to stop you having fun, now is it!! Enjoy!

Corfu Office

Corfu Office, March 2010 wk3, Newsletters, Agni Travel

The weather in Corfu has been simply amazing this week. Along with the good weather has been a burst in activity: local taverna owners suddenly waking up, after a winter's rest, and preparing their tavernas. There is now a queue at the local diy store (OK the petrol station in Nissaki which also sells paint!)

Corfu Office, March 2010 wk3, Newsletters, Agni Travel

Indeed our own taverna is being attentively re-painted and improved by brother-in-law 'Theo' The yearly: who has the longest jetty contest is already in the bag! He has 'extended' it by 3 meters this year!

Corfu Office, March 2010 wk3, Newsletters, Agni Travel

Along with the jetty is a new decking under the tree and new taverna roof! Never a dull moment in Agni.

Next week I will be preparing for my trip to Turkey, which will make an interesting comparison. Do not worry, I will be reporting all here!

Paxos Office

Paxos Office, March 2010 wk3, Newsletters, Agni Travel

During the winter, the main consideration for those of us living on Paxos, is getting to Corfu. Our accountants, lawyers and favourite shops are of course in the closest island to us - Corfu. Now the summer hydrofoil stops at the end of October and restarts in April - well it normally does! Without the hydrofoil, we reply on Nikos and Andreas who operate the sea-taxis (during good weather) to and from Corfu. Once the summer arrives, we use the hydrofoils.

Paxos Office, March 2010 wk3, Newsletters, Agni Travel

Last Friday though, the Ilida Hydrofoil was being freshly painted, ready for the season, when disaster struck - it caught fire!

It has been damaged beyond repaired. But do not worry; a new hydrofoil is currently being searched for and this will operate along with hydrofoil 'Santa'.

Paxos Office, March 2010 wk3, Newsletters, Agni Travel

What ever happens, we will do everything we can to get you to our beautiful Paxos this year!
Be happy.

Kefalonia Office

Here in Kefalonia March is the season for local charity bazaars and craft fairs leading up to Easter. There is fierce but friendly competition between local organisations such as KATS and KIDS with the KATS advertising their bazaar as the biggest one whereas KIDS started their jumble sales first in 1993.

Kefalonia Office, March 2010 wk3, Newsletters, Agni Travel

The events involve a huge amount of recycling as there are no second hand shops on the island and the bazaars are the only way to find good, cheap second hand clothes. It's also an opportunity to enjoy some typically British home made cakes and jams. The locals are great supporters offering a huge array of wonderful prizes including everything from Robolla wine to exclusive jewellery.

I have just returned to Kefalonia from a brief visit to the UK. The fig tree in my garden which is sprouting large green buds and the warm spring air on my face reminds me that no amount of shopping in London can replace the joy I feel living in this magical island. And Nathan has just promised to buy some raffle tickets for the KIDS famous (and BEST) raffle. My Cup Runneth Over

You can read more about KATS in the Flora and Fauna section of the website
where you can also read all about the local endangered species of sea-turtles and monk-seals. For the KIDS you can find information in the news section under Nicolas Cage.

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Italy Office

Turkey Office

Turkey Office, March 2010 wk3, Newsletters, Agni Travel

The sun has been shining all week and it feels like Spring is already here - technically Spring starts on Saturday 20th March 2010 but in Kalkan you can tell it is spring when you start to see baby tortoises all over the place. I popped back to our Corfu office for a few days and although a little cooler it was sunny there as well. Everyone is out and about getting ready for the new season and the new road that will provide an alternative route to the harbour for traffic coming from Kalamar Bay is nearly complete. The weather is so good here most of the year the Kalkan First School is building an outside amphitheater rather than the old school hall we are used too and this is almost finished so the local children can have the morning assembly with the sun shining on their backs - makes you want to go back to school tomorrow doesn't it !!.

Aegean Office

Aegean Office, March 2010 wk3, Newsletters, Agni Travel
Video of the week

The Monastery of Agia Aikaterini in Kalymnos Dodecanese
A nice video from Kalymnos Web: (Opens in new window.)

, Aegean Office, March 2010 wk3, Newsletters, Agni Travel
That was really lucky!

In March, 17th, at 6 am in Zipari, Kos. A Land Rover heading to Kos town, lost control and went into a grill room!
Thank God, no one was hurt! The driver was a young foreign woman.
I cannot think how she managed to get the car between those two pillars and into the grill room...
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However, that means that they are not the easiest to get to, as most of the time you will have to use a ferry.
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