March 2010 wk2

March 2010 wk2

March 2010 week 2

Welcome back to Agni Travel.
Well Greece has certainly been in the news recently while her finances are being scrutinized. Interestingly, The telegraph reported: "Greece is better placed than the UK in coming months even if deficits look comparable. The polls point to a minority government in the UK, while Greece's government can count on a majority to push austerity measures through parliament. Secondly, the British tax system offers less leverage for a rise in revenue. Paradoxically, Greek tax evasion creates scope for a surge in revenues from tougher enforcement. It is not out of the question that we will see a positive surprise in Greece"

Corfu Office

Corfu Office, March 2010 wk2, Newsletters, Agni Travel

Corfu is currently: Warm and Sunny
Temperature: 22c
Weather: Not a cloud in the ski - beautiful.

Hello from the Agni Travel office in Corfu. Where the sun is shinning and winter seems a distant memory!

Yesterday we enjoyed an office lunch. It was a pre-season taverna lunch arranged by Nathan at the local grill room. Sofri had too much ouzo, Paul too much Amstle - so basically a normal lunch out for the Agni office team!

Corfu Office, March 2010 wk2, Newsletters, Agni Travel
Strikes - What Strikes?

If it wasn't for the BBC news, we would never had know about the one-day strikes in Greece! Quite simply a Greek strike is often little more than a demonstration in Athens. True, some of the banks closed. It was also reported that some ferries stopped - they did, but there were still plenty running to keep the islands connected. Would a one-day strike in the summer effect you on holiday? No, it would have no impact: the local tavernas, taxis, beaches and everyone else involved in tourism will keep on looking after you!

Paxos Office

Paxos is currently: Warm and Sunny
Temperature: 23c
Weather: Crisp morning and sunny days

Paxos Office, March 2010 wk2, Newsletters, Agni Travel

Hello from the Agni Travel in Paxos. I am Fay and I run the office in Gaios. Lots happening here this week with Spiros the water taxi running again from Corfu to Paxos. Weather was a little wet earleir this week, but the forecast for the weekend is super with warm sunny days. I may even be enjoying a pick nick on the beach this Sunday! Temperatures of 25+ are forecast!

Other news: Babis has been on the mainland. He said that he was working, but we think he maybe visiting a girl that he met during the summer! It is difficult to keep anything quiet on Paxos - being such a small community - so any secrets do not stay that way for long! Plus, the 2010 hydrofoil schedule has now been published - nothing much has changed - as per usual. If you have booked with Agni Travel, do not worry, we will be in contact to arrange your tickets before your arrival.

Paxos Office, March 2010 wk2, Newsletters, Agni Travel
Property Feature

One of my favourite properties is Villa Anassa, a converted stone cottage with secluded private pool ideal for a couple. The owner, Yannis (who also owns one of the best tavernas in Lakka) renovated the cottage with his father. His attention to detail has resulted in one a holiday home that is full of charm and yet offers the modern convenience that we have all become accustomed to now days.

Nathan and Sofri are planning to pop over from Corfu, next week, to take some new photos.

Kefalonia Office

Kefalonia is currently: Sunny
Temperature: 21c
Weather: Should be nice for when I return

Kefalonia Office, March 2010 wk2, Newsletters, Agni Travel

Hello from the Agni Travel in Kefalonia. I am Francesca and I run the office in Kefalonia. Currently I am in England - have popped over for a week of shopping and catching up on family visits!

While in England, the thing I miss most is my afternoon swim! Many are surprised (even those in the Agni Travel office) to hear that I swim daily when in Kefalonia - even during the winter. The beach is just at the end of my garden.

On Monday I will be returning to Kefalonia and look forward to being 'back home'. No doubt, I will return to a pile of emails but thankfully there is no junk mail in Greece!

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Italy Office

Italy Office, March 2010 wk2, Newsletters, Agni Travel

Bologna is currently: Cold and White
Temperature: 1c
Weather: Snowing

Hello my friends, Danielle here from the Agni Travel office in Bologna, where I am snowed in!
I am not sure what has happened to the weather this winter - it hasn't snowed in Bologna since I can remember yet this winter it has snowed several times - I cannot wait for my next visit to Paxos to warm me up!

For the weekend I am off to Tuscany (1hour drive - assuming I can get my car out of the drive!) to visit some new properties. I will be staying overnight in a 'castle' and of course be trying all my favourite foods!

Turkey Office

Turkey Office, March 2010 wk2, Newsletters, Agni Travel

Kalkan is currently: Cool evening after a sunny day
Temperature: 22c
Weather: Generally sunny

Well what a great week I have had - I was over in Turkey for a few days having a look at 2 new villas we have in Ovacik - Villa Palm Tree and Villa Hisar. They were built in just 3 months - Turkey does not allow any building work in the Summer so during the Winter months everyone suddenly becomes a builder !! The villas are fantastic and the quality is better than my house in England so I was very impressed. The news was all about the earthquake but being over 1100 miles away (Turkey is huge) it was far away from our villas.

The weather was 70 degrees so it was nice getting my white legs out again after being covered up all Winter and enjoying my favorite pastime - food!!! Turkish food is up there with Greek food for freshness and taste and Turkish Tomatoes are so juicy - 11 million tones are grown each year and I am sure some reach you along the way as 30% are turned into paste. A 'Kofte grill room' is my first port of call so a nice tomato salad with my meatballs make the trip via Athens worthwhile. I am off for the weekly scrabble games at Cafe Vita on the Kalamar Road in Kalkan now - who knows I might even win the first prize - a case of tomatoes !!

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