March 2010

March 2010

  • March 2010, Newsletters, Agni Travel
  • March 2010, Newsletters, Agni Travel
  • March 2010, Newsletters, Agni Travel

Editorial - Bring back the Drach?

Editorial - Bring back the Drach?, March 2010, Newsletters, Agni Travel

Greece has been in the international headlines on a daily basis of late, and sadly not for the best of reasons. You cannot fail to have seen, heard or read something about the difficult economic situation it is experiencing.

One of the much muted suggestions to help rectify the budget deficit is that Greece withdraw from the eurozone and revert to the drachma. Why are some people suggesting that this is the way forward? Would it solve the country's problems or might it result in financial turmoil for all?

Who is right? Will Greece remain in the eurozone or will it withdraw, and if it does leave, even temporarily, how will that affect the other countries that are currently struggling, and indeed the euro project as a whole? The questions are endless, opinions divided, but answers are few.

We invite you to discuss this topic in our forums: Should Greece Bring Back The Drachma?

Corfu For You

For many Agni Travel clients Corfu is their first choice of holiday destination, and they come back year on year; for others it will be a first experience of this Emerald of the Ionians. Whether you are a returning or first time visitor, Corfu offers a wealth of places to explore and things to do. With summer fast approaching we thought we might take a quick dip into a few of the beauties of this 639sq kilometre island.

Corfu For You, March 2010, Newsletters, Agni Travel

There are no shortage of beaches skirting the Corfiot coastline. To be found in all shapes and sizes, each shares the beauty of the island and the crystal clear waters that surround it. On the east coast, where many of Agni's properties are located, the beaches are a delightful mixture. As one travels along the coastline from the bustling village of Kassiopi, heading towards Corfu Town there are any number of little coves and bays , none more pleasant than Kaminaki. It has blue flag status, and epitomises all that one would expect of a Greek beach. Gorgeous, unspoilt, perfect for snorkelling, and offering some wonderful rock pools for exploration.

Corfu For You, March 2010, Newsletters, Agni Travel

Water sports are hugely popular. Whether you’d prefer to mess about in boats, hopping from one tiny inlet to the next, snorkelling, scuba diving, or be towed at breakneck rate behind a speedboat on water skis, a large inflatable or dangling beneath a parachute, you will find something to suit without looking too far.

Corfu For You, March 2010, Newsletters, Agni Travel

However tempting the beaches may be, we recommend that anyone visiting Corfu should spend a day or two exploring some of the 134 towns and villages on the island. Hire a car, head inland and allow yourself the luxury of getting slightly lost. You will never be far from a main road, and exploring some of the traditional villages can be an absolute pleasure, as well as an education. Local residents will gladly welcome you and be happy to let you practice your Greek on them!

Corfu For You, March 2010, Newsletters, Agni Travel

The 'Old Town' in Corfu Town was added to the UNESCO World Heritage list in 2007. A fascinating area to take in. The tall Venetian houses and tiny narrow alleyways make it easy to imagine the Town as it was hundreds of years ago. If your feet ache after a morning of discovery, stop off at the famous Liston to enjoy a frappe and mix with the local hoi-poloi. The Hellenic Cricket Federation is organising a summer of the sport on Corfu this year, so you may even watch a few overs on the neighbouring cricket pitch. Anyone for Pimms?

Corfu For You, March 2010, Newsletters, Agni Travel

Throughout the island there is more than sufficient to keep visitors of all ages returning year after year. Clubs, bars, restaurants and traditional tavernas abound; water parks and country walks, flora, fauna and festivals, boat trips and beaches, ancient history and modern chic. From the sea level salt flats of Lefkimmi to the highest peak of the Pantokrator mountain, in Corfu you will find whatever you want your holiday to be.

Corfu For You, March 2010, Newsletters, Agni Travel

No wonder that Corfu remains one of Agni Travel's most returned to destination.

Click here to browse a selection of Agni Travel's Rentals properties: Corfu Rental Properties

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Planning Your Next Holiday?

New Website

Whilst Stella and the team have been busy answering the phones and confirming the bookings, Sofri and Nathan have been looking at ways of giving our customers clear, useful information about the properties we offer in our holiday portfolio. We are very proud of the results, especially as the new look website has been developed entirely by us, and even the photography is all our own work. The site is now more user friendly and easier to navigate. Spurred on by the new look, we have also added Google maps that show you the precise locations of all our properties, along with floor plans so you can view the layout.

The result is that it is now easier than ever to choose the perfect property for your next holiday.

Planning Your Next Holiday?, March 2010, Newsletters, Agni Travel
Turkey in May

With spring flowers, pristine beaches and plenty of sun, May is a perfect time for visiting Turkey. To tempt you further, we have a selection of villas along the Turkish coast at terrific low rates: Villas in Turkey

Planning Your Next Holiday?, March 2010, Newsletters, Agni Travel
Paxos in June

The sea is warm and Paxos is quiet. Take a novel, hit the beach, and leave your problems behind. Paxos is one of the most laid back destinations that we offer: Paxos Holidays

Planning Your Next Holiday?, March 2010, Newsletters, Agni Travel
Corfu in July

Find out for yourselves why so many continue to return again and again to this lush Greek island. We focus on the quieter areas, with beaches and tavernas close by: Corfu Apartments and Villas

Planning Your Next Holiday?, March 2010, Newsletters, Agni Travel
Kefalonia in August

Choose from a selection of brand new villas with private pool and spacious terraces affording stunning uninterrupted sea views or an apartment, on the waters' edge, run by a friendly local couple. Our Kefalonia program offers the very best of Kefalonia : Rental Properties in Kefalonia

Planning Your Next Holiday?, March 2010, Newsletters, Agni Travel
Tuscany in September

Autumn is the perfect time to visit this Italian classic, with dramatic landscapes and colours: Tuscan Holidays

Planning Your Next Holiday?, March 2010, Newsletters, Agni Travel
October in Kalymnos

Located south of Greece, Kalymnos catches the last of the summer sun: Kalymnos

Travel Tip: Phone Home

The Agni Travel phone bill was huge.
During the summer months, our mobile phone bills, alone, exceeded 1000 Euros per month. We have now found a solution which has saved us a fortune and you can benefit too! When on holiday you can phone home for a fraction of the usual 'roaming' charges.
The reason?
Most of our calls were to international phones or mobiles.
The Solution?
We now use a call back system.
The Savings?
Our bills for international calls are 1/10th or less! On mobiles, our bills are 1/5th.

How does it work?
1) You call a special telephone number from anywhere in the world, then hang up. (You are not charged as it will not connect.)
2) Your phone will ring. Answer it.
3)Enter the number you want to call.
4) The number you are calling will then ring in the usual way.

The Charges

A Holiday in Greece: phoning from a UK mobile (while logged into Vodafone Greece) and the call charge is just 13.9p per min.
A Holiday in Turkey: phoning from a UK mobile (while logged into TurkCell Turkey) and the call charge is just 6.3p per min.

Please remember that if you are using your mobile on holiday, you may incur roaming charges. (This is when your mobile provider charges you to receive calls.)
Even so, this system is much cheaper than outbound calls. Saving you money on all calls made.

FREE Credit Offer to Agni Members

Sign up and quote 'Agni' and you will receive £5 of FREE credit to your account!
Sign Up Now for your free credit: Cheap Calls While on Holiday

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