February 2008

February 2008

  • February 2008, Newsletters, Agni Travel
  • February 2008, Newsletters, Agni Travel
  • February 2008, Newsletters, Agni Travel

Where Do Greeks Holiday?

Where Do Greeks Holiday?, February 2008, Newsletters, Agni Travel

So where do Greeks holiday? Where does Spiros, your taxi driver, or Maria, your villa cleaner, choose to go?

Summer holidays, for all those connected with travel and tourism here, are pretty much a 'no-no' (it doesn't translate well, trust me, no-one says an 'ohi-ohi' over here). Working long hours and lucky to have a day off, you'll often hear the Greek equivalent of "roll on winter..." (I've taken out the expletives for the sake of this newsletter...).

Where Do Greeks Holiday?, February 2008, Newsletters, Agni Travel Where Do Greeks Holiday?, February 2008, Newsletters, Agni Travel

So what do they do when it finally comes? Well, interestingly enough, quite a lot of them do...nothing. By that I mean they stay at home, potter around, relaxing or doing jobs around the house that are long past their 'do-by' date. They may spend a couple of days here or there - Athens, perhaps, on a shopping expedition or to visit old Uncle Socrates before he departs this world. They are not so curious about the wider world as, basically, they are quite content with their lot here.

Those who do travel seem to do so either tentatively (3 or 4 days on a city break with daily 'phone contact with relatives) or full steam ahead (Thailand, the Maldives or maybe Florida) on a long
trip. City breaks very often feature London or the German cities of Frankfurt and Munich where many Greeks have family members living or studying and who are good for a sofa to kip on, Greek hospitality being what it is.

Where Do Greeks Holiday?, February 2008, Newsletters, Agni Travel

Seeing the Carnevale in Venice is very popular with organised travel agency trips. The nice thing is that all the ideas gained there can be put into practice at the Greek Carnival which falls a bit later! But most of all the Greeks seem to really love the mountains, staying in villages such as Pelion, Zagoria and Metsovo and skiing resorts on the mainland (yes...I did mean Greek skiing resorts!), snow-clad Parnassos and Chelmos being firm favourities.

Where Do Greeks Holiday?, February 2008, Newsletters, Agni Travel Where Do Greeks Holiday?, February 2008, Newsletters, Agni Travel

Our own Sofri spent a few days last winter just outside the village of Kranea in Grevena, Epirus, and came back to the office full of enthusiasm (in fact Nathan thought he was a bit too enthusiastic as we all then wanted to go on holiday too). He travelled from Corfu via Ioannina and Metsovo and stayed at the lovely Pindus Resort Hotel where he was given a fabulous suite with its own working fireplace (must have been flashing his travel industry ID card again...). He managed to drag himself away from the warmth and the sumptuous sofas to go sightseeing and to the Vasilitsa Ski Resort where we have since found out he didn't actually ski but simply snow-balled.

So where is it this year for Sofri? Nowhere, it seems, he's going to potter around, relax and do all those jobs way past their 'do-by' date...

Activities on Kefalonia

Activities on Kefalonia, February 2008, Newsletters, Agni Travel

The Ionian islands have much to offer and each is uniquely different from the next. Whether you prefer to be independent or to join a small exclusive group for a day's cruise, there is a great choice of activities and here are some of those available to those visiting the island of Kefalonia - all can be booked through Agni Travel:

Activities on Kefalonia, February 2008, Newsletters, Agni Travel
Ionian Seafaris

Owned and run by Wayne Johnson and his partner Alie Vogel, Ionian Seafaris offer a different way to see the beautiful rugged coastlines of Kefalonia with 2 Ribs (Rigid Inflatable Boats - the safest and fastest on the water), available for day or week charter, as well as self-drive rental boats for day hire. There is also the option of bareboat charter for qualified clients, skippered days or bespoke Seafari itineraries which can incorporate other islands.

Activities on Kefalonia, February 2008, Newsletters, Agni Travel
Marine Adventure

Marine biologist Jamie Stirling offers a wonderful day's exclusive caique cruise to snorkellers' paradise where you can learn about the marine wildlife of Greece sailing on a traditional Greek fishing boat. Find an octopus's garden and enjoy a day's gentle cruising and exploring, departing from Fiskardo. Lunch is included and groups are kept to a maximum of 17 persons.

Activities on Kefalonia, February 2008, Newsletters, Agni Travel
Motorboat Cruising & Speedboat Hire

Whether you want to explore rock formations to seek out a sea cucumber or prefer some seriously sensuous sun-bathing on a secluded beach beyond access by car, a motor boat is the answer and, wherever you are staying on Kefalonia, there will be a small 25-30 hp outboard engined boat available for hire. These can take up to 5 persons and cost from Euro 45 per day (excluding petrol) in low season departing from Fiscardo. 40 hp speedboats are also available from Euro 100 per day and require advance bookings.

Activities on Kefalonia, February 2008, Newsletters, Agni Travel

Add a Caption

Add a Caption, February 2008, Newsletters, Agni Travel
Corfu Port (Kerkyra)

Local Priest takes a walk along the quay side.
Add your caption here: Caption Required - Feb 2008

Here are some examples, offered by our Travel Guide forum members:

  • "Bishop to kings rook three...checkmate."
  • Papa gazes in admiration at the Greek Navy's new stealth cruiser...
  • "Shall I try walking on water to get to the mainland?"
  • "I will have a fishie on a little dishie, When the Boat comes in."
  • Despite dressing in black, there was no hiding the fact that Papa Spiros had a beer belly.
  • "I am a Darlek. I will exterminate!!!"
  • "OK, that's the fish sorted, now where's the bakers..?"

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    A Holiday Romance

    A Holiday Romance, February 2008, Newsletters, Agni Travel

    Does the date February 14th ring a bell...? Provoke a smile..? Or possibly invoke fear? Yes, its Valentine's Day!

    Have you sorted out that romantic pressie and card that will endear you to your loved one for evermore - or at least the foreseeable future? No, not yet? Don't know what on earth to get? Oh dear...but do not fear...Agni Travel is here! (We're a poet and we know it...).

    A Holiday Romance, February 2008, Newsletters, Agni Travel

    Why not consider a Valentine gift that will provide initial delight, excited expectation, wistful longing and endure through to the summer? A gift that conjures up thoughts of magical times, lazy days and delectable dining, all with the promise of future reality?

    A Holiday Romance, February 2008, Newsletters, Agni Travel

    Yes, it does exist. Just choose one of our properties on either the sun-kissed shores of the Grecian isles or the picturesque, vine-covered hills of the Tuscan countryside. (After all the Greeks and Latins are known for their association with romance - just think of Cupid and Romeo...). Then put down your deposit (before February 13th) and we will email you a printable Valentine Gift Letter to present on the day featuring enticing pictures and description of your chosen property and resort. Complimentary strawberries and champagne will await you on arrival.

    A Holiday Romance, February 2008, Newsletters, Agni Travel

    Worried about choosing on your own? No problem, in the event that your dearly beloved prefers a different property on our site or alternate dates, as long as there is availability during 2008 we can easily transfer your deposit accordingly. Contact Stella at Agni Travel and she will be glad to help: sales@agni.gr

    Or Why Not browse our Agni Travel properties: Corfu Accommodation

    EasyJet - New Corfu Flights

    EasyJet - New Corfu Flights, February 2008, Newsletters, Agni Travel

    We are very pleased to see that 'easyJet' will be flying directly from London Gatwick to Corfu throughout the summer season between March 31 and 25th October. For much of that period there will be daily flights.

    Click on the link below to see their current published timetable:

    Corfu Easyjet Flights

    If there is sufficient demand, they may continue to operate the route through the winter too.

    Tantalising Tuscany

    Tantalising Tuscany, February 2008, Newsletters, Agni Travel

    Enquiries and bookings for our lovely new Tuscany programme have taken off and we are busy dealing with the requests. There may be some of you torn between Greece and Italy - but why choose? You can always do a 2-centre holiday! After all, Corfu is just across the Adriatic Sea from Italy and overnight ferries from Corfu via Igoumenitsa operate daily into the port of Ancona. From there it's just a couple of hours' drive and you are entering the vine-covered Tuscan hills... Couldn't be easier.
    Think about it...

    New Agni Travel Office

    The new Agni Travel office is coming along in leaps and bounds and before long we'll be able make the move! Stella is anxious to get in there and sort out her section before the new summer season starts!

    February & March Events

    February & March Events, February 2008, Newsletters, Agni Travel

    Saturday 5 February, 2008
    Main Italian Carnevale Weekend (events start from January 25)
    Saturday, February 17th
    Triodion - 40 days before the beginning of Lent sees the opening of the three sacred odes and the beginning of the three main carnival weeks

    Thursday, February 28th
    Tsiknopempti (Burnt Thursday)
    The "Burnt" part refers to the grilling of meat as today is technically the last chance to eat it before the start of the 40 days of Lent and fasting, leading up to Easter.

    The Corfiot Petegoletsia (the Gossiping) is a spectacle enacted every year in the evening of Tsiknompempti on opposite balconies across one of the main alleyways in the Old Town. It is a very old tradition of street theatre in which the women exchange local gossip in authentic Corfiot dialect, finishing with musicians and traditional songs.

    Friday, March 7th - Sunday, March 9th
    The main Greek Carnival Weekend (Apokries)
    A time of fun and frivolity, parties and lunacy! The climax of the celebrations is the impressive procession of King Carnival on the third and final Sunday.
    Monday, March 10th
    Kathara Deftera (Clean Monday or Ash Monday) is the first day of Lent (Sarakosti) and generally a family-oriented day with picnics and kite-flying.

    February & March Events, February 2008, Newsletters, Agni Travel

    Tuesday 25th March
    The Greek National Day (equivalent to the 4th of July to Americans) and a major religious holiday with military parades and celebrations throughout the country. This celebrates Greece's victory in the war of Independence against the Turks who had occupied the country for 400 years.

    Local News

    Local News, February 2008, Newsletters, Agni Travel

    Locals have reported a bumper crop of high quality oil, almost certainly due to the very hot and dry 2007 summer. Many locals can be seen collecting their olives and the harvest will continue for another month or so. By summer time the end product should be drizzled over your Greek salad!

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