April 2010 wk1

April 2010 wk1

Editorial: Easter Roundup

Editorial: Easter Roundup, April 2010 wk1, Newsletters, Agni Travel

Hello from the Agni Travel head office, where we have already put on the air con! Spring is here and Easter has been hot - wherever you were in Agni! The Greek offices enjoyed warm sunny days, the Bologna office, although a little wet, was warm while the office in Turkey sweltered! Spring flowers, throughout the Mediterranean, are a constant reminder that the summer will soon be here.

The Greek economy has dominated the business news. Of course the weaker Euro (and economic climate) will be good news for local Greek tavernas and especially those bringing sterling who will appreciate a more favourable rate.

Editorial: Easter Roundup, April 2010 wk1, Newsletters, Agni Travel

So Easter is over. The winter over, spring here and the summer about to start. Most Greeks are looking forward to it.

Corfu Office

During Easter, I was away. I felt guilty at leaving my family (and the Agni office) over Easter as the Greeks celebrate Easter with such enthusiasm. From the magical midnight mass, the 'pot' throwing and of course much eating, Easter really is a date in the Greek calendar that shouldn't be missed.
While I sat at Athens airport, my thoughts remained behind while my flight was called. Not sure I should admit this next bit but I actually spent 'Greek Easter' in Turkey!! The flight from Athens to Izmir, less than 20min in the air, where I was met by my friend and Agni colleague Paul; our Turkey Expert.

Corfu Office, April 2010 wk1, Newsletters, Agni Travel

Paul is great fun and he made every effort to make sure that I enjoyed Easter to the full, even in Turkey! On Easter Sunday, he even tried to arrange a 'Gullet' boat from Kas to the nearby Greek island of 'Kastellorizo' so we could still enjoy Easter! No wonder the locals have nicknamed him 'Mustafa'.

Corfu Office, April 2010 wk1, Newsletters, Agni Travel

In the end, we managed to find some roast lamb at Ali Baba's in Kalkan and this, washed down with plenty of local wine, made me feel like I was back in Greece!

Paxos Office

Paxos Office, April 2010 wk1, Newsletters, Agni Travel

Hello from Paxos where the spring weather is waking everyone up! Easter was busy, as per usual in Paxos, with many Greeks from the mainland coming over to celebrate.

Paxos Office, April 2010 wk1, Newsletters, Agni Travel

I cooked a local lamb, on the spit and invited friends and family to join in. Not sure how the day ended , but I do seem to recall that we finished all my homemade wine!

Next week I am getting all of our hire cars ready. Some need a KTEO (which is the Greek MOT, for those in Britan), where the car under goes a safely inspection. There are no inspection centers in Paxos, so I have to put all the cars on the Ferry and go over to the mainland! I do get some strange looks driving 10 cars on and off the ferry!

Till next time!

Kefalonia Office

Easter is the most important holiday of the year beating Christmas with the amount of feasting and number of bank holidays. This year Greek Easter coincides with British Easter.

Kefalonia Office, April 2010 wk1, Newsletters, Agni Travel

As part of the religious celebrations on Kefalonia, on Holy Saturday there is a procession from St Spiridon's church to the square where, after some prayers, at midnight there is an official firework display on the roof of the town hall. The unofficial fireworks are set off by many youngsters in the crowds that gather. Due to an over-zealous attack of fireworks in recent years, the local Papas has been known to reorganise the procession, informing only his dedicated congregation so that he could avoid the onslaught of unwelcome fire-crackers. The crafty priest managed to maintain his dignity as well as the religious meaning of the celebration by finishing an hour early one year.

This year the official firework display was a very small affair in line with the state of the Greek economy but the feasting was as lavish as usual.

Francesca - Kefalonia Office

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Italy Office

Italy Office, April 2010 wk1, Newsletters, Agni Travel

As from many years, Easter Day here in Bologna was quite rainy... Nothing surprising, must be part of the Easter tradition.
No problem at all, as we spent a great day with all the relatives around the table eating the best food ever, prepared by my 80 years old grandmother.
A great variety of starters, tasty lasagna, tortellini, lamb in the oven, eggs, potatoes, and a sumptous buffet with sweets (Easter pudding, chocolate egg, cakes).
Of course there is no need to tell (even if I am a little bit on a diet) that at the end of the day we were so full that we couldn't have any dinner. So typically Italian!
Easter Monday is, on contrary, the day to be deserved for a picnic with friends. And the weather was so great, sunny and warm! We left Bologna in direction of Tuscany, where me and a group of other 8 friends booked in a country restaurant. After lunch, a nice walk through the Tuscany countryside, one of the most beautiful in the world, and then straight back home.
Well, a pleasant holiday for sure. And now is time to go back to work!
Wait you here in Italy.


Italy Office, April 2010 wk1, Newsletters, Agni Travel

Turkey Office

Turkey Office, April 2010 wk1, Newsletters, Agni Travel

Hello from a very sunny Kalkan! Where the weather is amazing. (The above photo was taken on Easter Sunday!)

Well no Easter in Turkey for us of course! But in Kas they were advertising a Gullet cruise over to the nearby Greek island of Kastellorizo for Easter Sunday! As Nathan, from the Corfu office was coming over, I thought I would still try to arrange a typical 'Greek Easter' lunch! I do hope the locals did not know what we were doing!

The reason for Nathan's visit was for taking new photos and videos of our properties.

I like the video he made of Kas, really captures the laid back atmosphere.

Getting Ready for the season

Most of the restaurants and bars are now open. Kalkan and Kas are already in summer mode: brightly whitewashed houses and freshly painted restaurants lining the harbour.

Turkey Office, April 2010 wk1, Newsletters, Agni Travel
Shorts and Winter Coats

The tourists, wearing shorts are beginning to arrive greeted by sniggers from the locals who are still wearing their winter coats! Only when the temperature hits the 90s will they start to shed their layers.

Paul - Turkey Office

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